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Slip21 records XBee/MCU ADC or DSO Measurements and shows chart at real-time

I have run Slip21 new version now and replaced XBee with a remote temperature sensor. So The new Slip21 reports two tempeatures. One is hooked under eave. The other is on the ground. (Dec28 2013)

I am interested in realtime web online measurement and writing my app titled Slip21. Slip21 gets ADC value of wireless module XBee or MCU H8/3664 family, Tektronix DSO measurements through COM ports inculding USB to serial converters. Slip21 records measured values and draws chart at real-time. Slip21 inquires the MCU and receives ADC outputs. I adopted Akizuki's H8/3664F board and made a simple mother board with it. XBee has cyclic sleep mode for End Device. The mode sends burst packets, when it gets up in a fixed period. The burst is sampled by short IO sampling period. Slip21 always has to wait the burst. Slip21 edits the binary API packets and shows them by hex decimal expression. Slip21 computes averaging ADC among 1-8 packets. The mother board of H8/3664 has a semiconductor temperature sensor, a receiver of 2-wire remote temperature sensor and a load resistor of with two photo cells. If you have an old PC running Windows XP later, Slip21 can run on it. My server's CPU is 400MHz with 384MB RAM. Slip21 needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4 later. you can download at Microsoft site. Although Microsoft shows the minimun requirement, the minimum requirement may be 1GHz-400MHz and 512-384MB in case of Slip21.

You see Slip.htm that Slip21 has listed the recent data H8/3664F or XBee got the two solar cells output and the two temperature sensors and temperature sensor on XBee End Device. Press F5 key to update the Measurements in case of IE browser, when MCU and Slip21 work now. The first number of the data means date and time. My mother board works with my server all day now. It sometimes cannot update, when I rebuild the mother board.
I made two-wire remote temperature sensor circuit with 1.1 m shield cable. Refer to bundled 3664-1.pdf. M3 and M2 sensors are at 0.6m and 1.7m high on the same wall in vertical line. M4 is tempeature on floor. I moved the XBee End Device on floor. So the temperature decended sharp. Looking at the chart, as for getting XBee ADC, It is necessary to improve the sensing method including circuit to measure temperature correct. I know a bug to disappear the message on the bottom of XBee Receiving Text Box, but I do not know the cause now. There is another known bug. It occurs, when you save a parameter except for offset in the 'Setup' window. Select 'Continue' in the error message. I have fixed it. I will publish the bug fixed version next time.

The chart shows the outputs of M2, M3 and M4. M2 is 2-wire remote temperature sensor on wall in Fig.1. M3 is temperature sensor on mother board of MCU on wall. M4 is temperature on XBee End Device on floor.
Fig.1 Remote temperature sensor and XBee temperature sensor chart
Fig.2 shows Slip21 main form. Slip21 data format has recorded four Measurements more than a year. This version supports to record XBee with conventional MCU/DSO at the same time. So Slip21 has to switch three ways for recording, MCU/DSO, XBee and Both.
Fig.2 Main form
There are 8 recording cases for 1 to 4 Measurements as shown in Tbl.1
Tbl.1 Recording cases for Measurements
1 1

2 2

2 1 1Both
3 3

3 2 1Both
4 4

4 3 1Both

Fig.3 shows Slip21 get form. Slip21 integrated conventional TDS298 to get measurements this time. It is unnecessary for Meas.txt to get ADC or measurements any more. The get form increased 'XBee' and 'Alarm' tab. Slip21 supports SSL mail to send alarm, when ADC value exceeds Upper/Lower limiter.
Fig.3 Get form

  1. Amplifier gain improves low ADC resolution by MCU
  2. Digital averaging decreases the sun light power measurement fluctuation
  3. Improved interface of semiconductor temperature sensor and App TDS298
  4. Road to Slip21 with realtime chart and TDS298 supports MCU
  5. FTTH line speed measurement records and the speed increases sharp at Corega router's power-on reset
  6. MCU board AKI-H8/3664F commnunicates with TDS298
  7. Repair kerosen fan heater
  8. TDS298 1.01.10, Kiri198 1.00.33 sampled two Measurements at every minute, and Slip2 has recorded the Meas.dat for 25.1 hours. 13:39 Mar17 GMT+9
  9. I try charging Ni-MH, NiCd batteries for Xbox wireless controller and test used alkaline battery.
  10. My rebuilt PWM driver suppressed rising temperature of power supply of a water pump
  11. I wrote a manual to run TDS.exe which can get Measurements of Tektronix DSO.
  12. I programmed on RS232 port to get measurements of DSO in every minute
  13. I looked for a FSK modem IC to overlay a signal with DC power.
  14. It seems solar cell price is proportional to area
  15. PC programming for Tektronix TDS310. I prepared developing enviornment for PC.
  16. Shake and wash. I tried shaking dark gravel to clean
  17. I assembled main mechanical parts of the designed polisher for stone.
  18. I designed and made a pivot of a link using for washing gravel.
  19. Machinary craftmen sometimes use V blocks to check shapes of materials.
  20. 1.75mm pitch IC wires on a skew-whiff universal board.
  21. I counted shells of river snails in my family aquarium.
  22. Separaiton calcareous stone for lowering white deposit
  23. I tried some ways how to polish a plastic aquarium tank.
  24. The fragile stone is lighter than rigid stone. I measured the stone density.
  25. I tried wool filter of a used PET bottle
  26. I tested a filter of aquarium ; My family has kept some goldfish for 10 years.
  27. I made a tiny variable constant voltage generator for my experiments
  28. Multi output AC adapter is cheap. But...
  29. Battery charger trial dropping 24VDC.
  30. Desoldering gun ; Disassembling it, I found AC circuit shrotend.

RC or UAV related

  1. I watched blades of fan heater with dust, and thougt efficiency of aircraft engine.
  2. A Swiss solar plane flew by night
  3. Restriction to fly a UAV in Japan
  4. Design a UAV
  5. I have thought parafoil is capable for my UAV or not and checked sites.
  6. Electric termination of insulation-coated glow engine for reliability.
  7. Glow engine fuel burns different at the beginning and the end. See the flames.
  8. BAT box with a protection diode bridge and a plug heater.
  9. I made PWB (Print Wired Board) of PWM driver and chass described in Japanese or English is for it by my design.
  10. Prototype of glow plug heater by PWM
  11. FM telemetry transmitter for aircraft sensor
  12. I made Pitot Tube for RC or UAV.
  13. Resonant vibration of engine stopped on improved test bench
  14. Engine excited vibration on test bench. I thought the cause.
  15. I tested engine on test bench and measured the rotation by simple tachometer.
  16. Cheap tachometer for engine test bench.
  17. Spinner was stuck into starter head.
  18. Airtight test of a fuel tank. I was afraid of oil leak from a cap.

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