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Nature introduces to me some aspect or views of British or American thinking. They are interesting to me. These are tips for my memos.
 Genomes by the thousand
Ten years ago, two fingers were enough to count the number of sequenced human genomes. Until last year, the finger on two hands were enough. Today, the rate of such sequencing is escalating so fast it is hard to keep track

RegionNorth AmericaEuropeEast Asia
I have been surprised that Japan has few HTS in the world. I calculated genomes per HTS in the regions of the world. HTS of North America are 602, 61 and 7 in US, Canada and Mexico each. HTS of East Asia are 147, 28, 21 in China, Korea and Japan.

The numbers of Genomes are by the end of 2011. HTS is number of high-throughput sequencers in the region. Genomes per HTS of East Asia is extradinary big. Because BGI in Shenzen predicts that its machines will have completed some 10,000 to 20,000 human genomes by the end of 2011. Nature edited a map of HTS distribution in England, Netherlands and Belgium. I am interesting that an editor of Nature did not include France and Germany in the map. I remember that UK had a stragtic position in the low land of Europe before Napoleon's time. UK machines will help to sequence 2,500 genomes.

Nature showed some HTS in other rigions. There are 12 in Brasil, 1 in Argentine, 2 in South Africa, 5 in Middle East, 6 in Russia, 9 in India, 17 in some ASEAN, 35 in Australia and 3 in New Zeeland.
Methods: Our survey focused on large, academic projects rather than individual labs; we included complete genome sequences, both high- and low-coverage, and excluded all biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and most sequencing sevice providers, which do not disclose their work.
Nature, no7319, p1026-1027

  1. 7366 ad Product Foucus: New sequencing instruments provide lower per-run costs and longer reads. The $500 Ion 316 chip Torrents's Personal Genome Machine (PGM) produces upward ot 100Mb of sequence in two hours, or nine hours total counting time for library preparation and data analysis.
  2. 7361 p395 Book & Arts African orgins, Jean-Jacques Hublin enjoys a book supporting the idea that moden humans replaced Neanderthals.
  3. 7361 p397 Book & Arts Giants on coke, George Rousseau learns about the impact of cocaine on physicians Sigmund Freud and William Halsted.
  4. 7277 Letters Slip-stick and the evolution of frictional strength p76-79 N727701.PDF
  5. 7276 Futures Divine diseases p1088 N727601.PDF
  6. 7276 Book & Arts Johannes Kepler on Christmas p987 N727601.PDF
  7. 7273 Opinion The internet of the ancient world p574 N727301.PDF
  8. 7272 News Icelandic genomics firm goes bankrupt p401 N727201.PDF
  9. 7272 News Japan sets sights on solar power from space p.398-399 N727201.PDF
  10. 7268 Opinion The day the Internet age began p1202-1203 N726801.PDF
  11. 7262 Letters Non-coalescence of oppositely charged drops p377-380 N726201.PDF
  12. 7262 News & Views Fluid dynamics To merge or not to merge... p356 N726201.PDF
  13. 7256 Opinion The economy needs agent-based modelling p685-686 N725601.pdf
  14. 7256 News Feature Meltdown modelling p680-682 N725601.pdf
  15. 7253 Editorial refers to Ken Thompson and Linus Torvalds who wrote Unix and Linux Net gains
  16. 7251 Editorial refers to civil rights and human rights sometimes We are all Iranians
  17. 7247 Special report shows Europe's 6th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development Remark share of money between states
  18. N7244 Essay: Is free will an illusion? N7244Essay_IsFreeWillAnIllusion.pdf  I also read Kant's works before.
  19. 7243 Arrest by ribosome.pdf N7243ArrestByRibosome.pdf
  20. 7243 Opinion Two cultures: Science's new battle lines N7243OpinionTwoCultures_ScienceNewBattleLines.pdf
  21. 7243 Palaeoanthropology: Homo floresiensis from head to toe 7243Palaeoanthropology_HomoFloresiensisFromHeadToToe.pdf
  22. 7243 Protein crystallography: Structures of desire N7243ProteinCrystallography_StructuresOfDesire.pdf
  23. 7242 Cytoplasmic functions of the tumour suppressor p53 N7242CytoplasmicFunctionsOfTheTumourSuppressorP53-1.pdf, N7242CytoplasmicFunctionsOfTheTumourSuppressorP53-2.pdf
  24. 7242 Greenhouse-gas emission targets for limiting global warming to 2°C N7242Greenhouse-gasEmissionTargets.pdf
  25. 7242 Lost magnetic moments N7242LostMagneticMoments.pdf
  26. 7242 Warming caused by cumulative carbon emissions towards the trillionth tonne N7242WarmingCausedByCumulativeCarbonEmissionsTowardsTheTrillionthTonne.pdf
  28. 7238 Grazing limits effects of ocean fertilization
  29. 7238 Congress probes NIH stimulus funds
  30. 7238 New tales of an old tail
  31. N7236 Essay: Do nations go to war over water? N7236Essay_DoNationsGotoWarOverWater.pdf
  32. N7236 Genetech deal signals end of an end: Roche vows to Genetech culture N7236GenetechDeal_signalsEndOfAnEnd.pdf
  33. N7236 Science journalism: Supplanting the old media N7236ScienceJournalism.pdf
  34. N7235 Personalized genetic screening for cancer patients N7235PersonalizedGeneticScreeningForCancerPatients
  35. 7234 Budget numbers for US science looking up
  36. N7233 Alzheimer's disease: A prion protein connection N7233Alzheimer.pdf
  37. N7233 In from the cold N7233InFromTheCold.pdf
  38. 7231 Thomas Pietschmann writes entry pathway of hepatitis C in news & views
  39. 7230 The sequencing race
  40. 7230 Cleantech Boom defies down turn
  41. 7230 Editorial writes about supply and demand of biomedical researchers, News feature writes NIH competitive grants
  42. 7229 Surface plasmon resonance in tecchnology feature glycobiology
  43. 7227 On the record
  44. 7227 Fusion history beyond the fiascos
  45. 7227 BUSH'S LEGACY
  46. 7226 Structual basis for androgen specificity and oestrogen synthesis in human aromatase
  47. 7226 The lab at the bottom of the sea
  48. 7226 Electrically pumped photonic-crystal terahertz lasers controlled by boundary conditions
  49. 7226 Love: Neuroscience reveals all
  50. 7225 Galileo used his spyglass to observe the Moon in December 1609.

  51. Price of Indium Price of Indium has soared. Indium is material of transparent electrode which is used in LCD and solar battery.
  52. Ecconomists writes China and India will develope rapidly. However, India and the north of China have water scarcity.
  53. Nuclear Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) helped to kick-start the discussion for an
  54. Invest US National Science Board analyzed how the world spent R&D in 2005. Israel was top. US investment was $340 billion. the OECD
  55. 2008-1211 Progress and challanges in genome-wide association studies in humans
  56. 2008-1120 Greenhouse-gas fingerprints
  57. 2008-1120 Conflict: Altruism's midwife
  58. 2008-1113 Science in the meltdown
  59. 2008-1030 Economics needs a scientific revolution
  60. 2008-1023 Deciphering vanished scripts: Andrew Robinson writes hieroglyphs in Books & arts.
  61. 2008-1023 Religion: Bound to believe?
  62. 2008-1016 The death of microarrays?
  63. 2008-1002 Fears surface over methan leaks
  64. 2008-1002 The pengagon's culture wars : Sharon Weinberger reported
  65. 2008-1002 NIH soon to be leaderless
  66. 2008-0911 The Fate of Fingers : Helen Pearson reported proteins with 'zinc fingers' designed to bind almost any DNA sequence
  67. 2008-0828 The blossoming of Japanese mathematics
  69. 2008-0828 THE PRODUCTION LINE
  71. 2008-0821 Bell Labs bottoms out : Bell Laboratories has finally pulled out of basic science
  72. 2008-0807 Hidden treasures: Padua's anatomy theatre : The oldest anatomy theater in Europe
  73. 2008-0731 The circuit of fear
  74. 2008-0731 Observed global emitting lights
  75. 2008-0724 Affymetrix in new patents row
  76. 2008-0724 Oil cost hits ship studies : Marine diesel oil cost hits ship studies
  77. 2008-0724Where have all the flowers gone? THE GREAT CONTENDER : Sex imbalance in China
  78. 2008-0724 The end of the science superpowers : Rise and fall of science superpowers from 18th century
  79. 2008-0710 THE LOST WORLD : Laura Spinney reported Doggerland
  80. 2008-0703 Human and Space
  81. 2008-0626 The other beetle-hunter : Duncan Graham-Rowe wrote about Alfred Russel Wallace, who and Charles Darwin were on evolution by natural selection
  82. 2008-0626 Message from the heavens, What Space guard did, Tunguska at 100
  83. 2008-0612 The winding road from ideas to incom
  84. 2008-0612 A Case History : Helen Pearson wrote a case history about translational research
  85. 2008-0612 Meredith Wadman assessed TTOs to help university researchers
  86. 2008-0612 CROSSING THE VALLEY OF DEATH : Translational research in news feature
  87. 2008-0522 Numbers of wild polar bears. I think the density of them is few.
  88. 2008-0515 Flights of green fancy : Geared Jet engine
  89. 2008-0424 Christiaan Huygens accompanied William during the invasion of England
  90. 2008-0417 Triumph of the medieval mind Why only Western world brought modern science? The essay of Nature refers, "The 11th Christians still felt
  91. 2008-0403 Architects of a low-energy future : Thermal bridges occur at the window frames and at the intersection
  92. 2008-0320 Power of production of desalinated water is 1.6 kwh per 1 cubic meter.
  93. 2008-0221 Solar planes A plane from the British defense company QintiQ, which flew for 54 hours.
  94. 2008-0131 Homicide ratio in Europe Nature writes, "After rising from an average of 32 homicides per 100,000 people per year in the 13th and 14th
  95. 2008-0131 News feature: Killer instincts
  96. 2008-0124 Designer pores made easy
  97. 2008-0124 How the change agent has changed
  98. 2008-0110 Nuclear threats Editorial of Nature writes shortly, nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation.
  99. 2007-1101 Japan give donation little compared with US. "Rich people are not respected in Japan, so they hide their money."
  100. 2007-1101 Top 10 ranking of global R&D investment companies. US dominates 5 of all the 10.
  101. 2007-0222 Spy in the sky
  102. 2007-0104 M. King Hubbert gained instant for his notoriety for his 1956 prediction that oil production in...

  103. 2006-0216 Them and us no longer
  104. 2006-0202 Primer-time progress
  105. 2006-0112 THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME

  106. 2005-1208 Back on track?
  107. 2005-1201 Insight review: Role of cholesterol and lipid organization in disease
  108. 2005-0922 News & views feature: A new grammer for drug discovery
  109. 2005-0621 Letters: Massively parallel manipulation of single cells and microparticles using optical images
  110. 2005-0616 News & views feature: Tunnelling into the chill
  111. 2005-0818 Insight review: Unravelling hepatitis C virus replication from genome to function
  112. 2005-0818 Insight review: Evasion of intracellular host defence by hepatitis C virus
  113. 2005-0818 Insight review: Challenges and successes in developing new therapies for hepatitis C
  114. 2005-0818 Insight review: Mechanism of action of interferon and ribabirin in treatment of hepatitis C

  115. 2004-1125 News and views: Don't lose your reputaion
  116. 2004-0930 Technology feature: RNA interference — The silent treatment
  117. 2004-0916 Essay turning points: Enter transfer RNA
  118. 2004-0916 Insight review articles: Unlocking the potential of the human genome with RNA interference
  119. 2004-0916 Insight review articles: The role of RNA interference in heterochromatic silencing
  120. 2004-0916 Insight review articles: The functions of animal microRNAs
  121. 2004-0916 Insight review articles: RNA silencing in plants
  122. 2004-0916 Insight review articles: Mechanisms of gene silencing by double-stranded RNA
  123. 2004-0916 Insight introduction: Revealing the world of RNA interference
  124. 2004-0715 Seeing single spins
  125. 2004-0715 Single spin detection by magnetic resonance force microscopy
  126. 2004-0429 News: Young biologists rejected as NIH budget squeezes traing grants
  127. 2004-0429 Commentary: Dreaming of clean nukes
  128. 2004-0415 News and views: Cancer — Kip moving
  129. 2004-0408 News and views: Lost in translation
  130. 2004-0325 News and views: RNA interference — Human genes hit the big screen
  131. 2004-0325 News and views: Medicine — Profile of a tumour
  132. 2004-0325 News and views: Signal processing — Neural coding by correlation?
  133. 2004-0318 News and views: RNA finds a simpler way
  134. 2004-0304 News and views: A cellular choreographer
  135. 2004-0304 News feature: Just add water
  136. 2004-0226 Essay concepts: Cancer without diseases
  137. 2004-0226 News and views: Turning the key on p53
  138. 2004-0205 News and views: K is for koagulation
  139. 2004-0122 News feature: Gut reaction
  140. 2004-0115 News and views: Protein surgery
  141. 2004-0108 News and views: Cancer —Guarding the guardian?

  142. 2003-1211 Technology feature: To affinity and beyond
  143. 2003-1030 Concepts: Written in blood
  144. 2003-1002 News: NIH 'roadmap' charts course to tackle big research issues
  145. 2003-1002 News and views: Immunology —Dangerous liasions
  146. 2003-1002 News and views: Development biology &mdahs;Partners united
  147. 2003-0925 News and views: Professional secrets
  148. 2003-0925 News and views: Plasma physics —Cosmic waves in the lab
  149. 2003-0918 News feature: Switched on to RNA
  150. 2003-0911 News and views: Aging—A toast to long life
  151. 2003-0904 News feature: RNA to rescue?
  152. 2003-0731 Technology feature: Proteomics technologies
  153. 2003-0508 Letters: Controlled vesicle deformation and lysis by single oscillating bubbles
  154. 2003-0508 Letters: Spreading of nanofluids on solids
  155. 2003-0508 News and views: Prion diseases —Cannibals and garbage piles
  156. 2003-0327 News and views: Neurobiology —Balladsof a protein quartet
  157. 2003-0313 Insight: proteomics
  158. 2003-0313 Insight overview: From genomics to proteomics
  159. 2003-0313 Insight review articles: Protein analysis on a proteomic scale
  160. 2003-0313 Insight review articles: From words to literature in structual proteomics
  161. 2003-0313 Insight review articles: Diseases proteomics
  162. 2003-0313 Insight review articles: Biomedical informatics for proteomics
  163. 2003-0227 News and views: Oceanography — The brawniest retroflection
  164. 2003-0123 The double helix — 50 years: Introduction
  165. 2003-0123 The double helix — 50 years: A Structure for Deoxyribos Nucleic Acid
  166. 2003-0123 The double helix — 50 years: Molecular Structure of Deoxypentose Nucleic Acid
  167. 2003-0123 The double helix — 50 years: Molicular Configuration in Sodium Thymonuclease
  168. 2003-0123 Feature: The double helix and the 'wronged heroine'
  169. 2003-0123 Feature: The double helix in clinical practice
  170. 2003-0123 Feature: The Mona Lisa of modern science
  171. 2003-0123 Feature: DNA replication and recombination
  172. 2003-0123 Feature: DNA damage and repair
  173. 2003-0123 Feature: The double helix and immunology
  174. 2003-0123 Feature: Controlling the double helix
  175. 2002-1219 Obituary: René Thom (1923-2002), Mathematician who devised 'catastrophe theory'

  176. Advertisement feature: Chips with everyting
  177. 2003-1030 New on the market; Three-in-one liquid handling —KNFLab Tower

    Nature writes news feature and editorial in a view of Western people. Though the opinion of Nature is different from commons of Japan a little, I sometimes think the differecne and can know ourselves comparing with their thinking, when I read Nature.

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