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Japanese common people thought IJN was smarter than IJA. Actually IJN announced false result of battles to IJA and did not tell the fact. So a lot of IJA soldiers had to be killed in desperate battles. For example, IJN announced a big victory of air battle off Taiwan. So IJA stopped a war plan in Luzon and decided to intercept Leyte in October 1944. This is why IJA lost guns and tanks at Leyte. These equippment were used in Luzon originally.

Nomura Naokuni
After the Pacific War, an US official asked Nomura[7], 'How do you think about USN submarine operation?' He replied, 'I hardly think that USN operated such a fierce attack. Because Americans did not like submarines. you insisted void submarines.' Nomura surveyed submarines in Germany from 1922 to 1924
Morimoto, p96-97

Nagano and King
Nagano[8] was the heighest ranked IJN officer, CNO of IJN, when Japan began the Pacific War. After the war, US intelligence officers asked him the war. He said, 'I do not know submarines well.' Nagano admitted Yamamoto's plan to attack Pearl Harbor. Nagano said, "IJN lost 36% of warships by submarines, 11% by gun fire and 46% by aircraft about warship bigger than destroyer[1]," after the war. While King[9] was a naval aviator and commanded USS Lexington. He also worked at a submarine base.

Yamamoto and Nimitz
Nimitz[12] was engaged in building submarine base in Pearl #333 Habor in 1920. He commanded submarines operation directly in the Pacific War. While Yamamoto[10] commanded submarines indirectly. All the IJN submarines were the 6th fleet. He was killed by assasination during a flight to the front inspection.

Replace of commanders 2 vs 26
Zuikaku's bow
Nimitz and King often changed commanders of small fleet, if they were unsuitable to command. They changed 26 in spite of winning the Pacific War.

Otherwise IJN changed only a few vice admirals, Hosogaya Boshiro and Inoue Shigeyoshi. It seems to me that USN was a private company to seek much gain and IJN was a public office not to be allowable to mistake. Personnel section of IJN assigned commanders as usual even at the desperate Pacific War. It seems that the IJN bureaucrats did their service on Confucianism-like at the wartime. Certainly admirals were bureaucrats of navy. Mikado inaugrated them shinnin-kan[14]. Navy is an organizaion of Government. How do we think the result of IJN replace of commanders?

While captains of big warships killed themselves with sinking IJN warships. Why? See the photo of IJN aircraft carrier Zuikaku. You see the emblem of Mikado. All the captains of IJN warships served themselves for Mikado's country ( Ĺ ). They should be ashamed to abandan ship in the Pacifc War. This resembles Yakuza's society. A yakuza must always prepare his sacrifice for the boss and its organization. It occurred in short of excellent commanders. Commanders of merchant ship convoys had been all reserved old captains.[3] IJN operations were to be adovoacted by a few eccentric staff and to be commanded by innocent admirals ironically. Although the fleet commander could move to Oyodo, the captain of Zuikaku sank with her. IJN had already begun production of suicide weapons and trained suicide crews then.

Lunch listening to a naval brass band
Staffs of GF(Grand Fleet) of Hashirajima and 4th Fleet of Truk Islands had lunch listening to music of naval brass band, when USN began to attack Martial Islands in February 1942[2]. The flag ship of GF was battle ship Nagato and the other was cruiser Kashima[13]. The commanders were Yamamoto of GF and Inoue of 4th Fleet then.

US admirals life in Guam
USAAF LeMay was invited by US admirals three times in Janurary 1945. Nimitz lived in a house with a chandelier[5]. Lockwood invited him in his yacht. I think the yacht was a submarine tender. Hoover had a tennis court for himself only. Hoover commanded the land-based naval air force that supported the Central Pacific campaign and was tasked to develop the new air bases on the captured islands[6].

War responsiblity
IJN managed to protect high ranked officers to be prosecuted as war criminals. While high ranked officers of IJA condemned their responsiblity each other. IJN began the Pacific War and escaped the responsiblity behind Mikado. IJN clearly opposed to ratify Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War. Certainly they were too unified and to their organizaion as bureaucrats and closed society, I think. This is an aspect to be seen in Japan. I say, it "Nihon system."

Admiral Togo commanded GF on battleship Mikasa. Mikasa was a top runner of GF. This was a history of Japanese-Russo War. Nimitz commanded in Honolulu or Guam. Yamamoto commanded on battleship Nagato, Yamato and Musashi in Hashirajima, Truk and Rabaul. Innocence of IJN intelligence occurred his KIA in Rabaul air battle. Other vice admirals were Itoh, Yamagata, Nagumo, Takagi, Nishimura and Tsunoda. Were there any vice admirals of USN in KIA?

IJA generals
Bakufu learned military system from France before Meiji era. Meiji Government leard it from France and UK. But IJA stopped learning from France because France was beatn by Germany. IJA sent a lot of attaches to Germany, who became genrals after WWI. They learned WWI as total war wrong. When Germany beat France by blitz krieg in WWII, its result attracted most of IJA generals. There was only a genral who was sent to US as attache in 39 generals, when the Pacific War broke. German goverment prepared young maids for Japanese attaches. So a Japanese attache requested US goverment for a maid, but the US refused the demand[4].

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