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Once I happend to watch on TV, Diana Ross was singing the US national anthem on an opening ceremony of a professional sport game. She sang with delight and hope. Her singing was very splendid. Sometimes I listen to the national anthems of Israel and Russia. I do not like the old national anthem 'International' of Soviet Union. I like the old anthem of Russia.
Israel kokka
Russia kokka
Russia no HP

While, there is a song called 'Umiyukaba' in Japan. It was recorded on 21 October 1943 at the Jungu Park of Tokyo in rainning. The early part is a speech of a student of University of Tokyo. Students sang the song. they were sons of upper middle class who were relaxed to be soldiers till October 1943.
SyutsujinGakutoSokoukai touji

Otherwise, President of US, JFK and Gorge Bush volunteered for military service in the Pacific when they were students. Both were wet in the Pacific.

    Former President George Herbert Walker Bush tells the harrowing details of how he narrowly survived getting shot down near Chichi Jima in the Pacific during WWII. Pilot Bush bailed out after his plane caught fire, and fortunately was picked up by the USS Finback.

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