Akagi and Kaga
Desperate War of Japan in the Pacific
Kaga Reformed
KagaReformed Kaga
IJN aircraft carriers Kaga and Akagi had three flight decks like steps originally. IJN might thougt of RN two step-flight decks carrier, so IJN increased one more flight deck. But IJN found that two flight decks were no use. So Kaga reformed the three flight decks into a plain deck on 25 June 1935. Akagi reformed on 31 August 1938. Its reform and modernization took almost three years. It spent much money, I think. Akagi and Kaga increased aircraft number 90 to carry, originally were 60.[1] They also adopted island type bridge.

USN aircraft carriers Lexington and Saratoga had have a plain deck each originally. The photo shows that T4M-1 torpedo aircraft takes off in 1929[2]

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