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Catholic in Edo era

Standard of AmakusaSecret for 400 years
Standard of Joan
Christianity was banned in Japan after desperate Catholic revolt in Amakusa. The left image is the standard of the revolt. They fought desperate war under the flag and a symbolic 16-year-old boy in 1637. The standard is very different from traditional Japanese style. I think that a Western monk or someone suggested to Joan of Arc. Pureness of youth stirred minds among people in depression. The elders uses innocence of people whenever they are losing. After the revolt, a few people had believed in the belief had prayed underground in father-to-father.
Shimabara Rebellion
Amakusa Shiro

The revolt excited some novelists in Japan, for example, Shibata Renzaburou, Endo Shusaku and Matsumoto Seicho
Nemuri Kyoushiro
Dark gospel.

A portrait of Francisco de Xavier was discovered at Ikeda in 1919 where is located in Hyogo. Once Ikeda was called Settsu. Chiristian Daimyo Takayama Ukon was a lord of Settsu. A family in Settsu inhertited the secret of fathers of fathers in chained generation almost 400 years there. Such people were called Kakure Kirishitan.
Takayama Ukon
Kakure Kirishitan

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