Time-line scroll
Desperate War of Japan in the Pacific
This scroll lists how Japan grew military power since 1800 in my view, and fought the Pacific War in daily.

1805Apr18 Rezanov departed from Nagasaki
1805----- Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Sertuerner got crystal of Morphium
1808Aug15 HMS Phaeton entered into Nagasaki while putting a flag of Netherlands
1809----- Bakufu ordered official translators to learn English
1814----- The first English-Japanese dictionary was published in Japan
1815----- The last Manila galleon Magellan departed from Acapulco
1821May05 Napoleon died at Saint Helena
1830----- The Belgian Revolution
1831----- Ten days campaign
1832Nov22 Babbage's 'On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures' was published
1834----- Peltier's effect was found
1837Jul30 The Morrison of US anchored in Uraga
1839Nov03 First Opium War
1839----- Alexandre-Edmond Becquerel found photovoltatic effect
1842Aug29 between Qing and UK
1840----- Shibukawa translated 'English Grammer'
1845Dec25 US annexed Texas
1846Jul30 USS Columbus and Vincennes anchored in Uraga
1847Jan13 ᥭ
1849----- Smallpox vaccine began widespread in Japan
1849----- UK abolished Navigation Acts
1850----- Japanese local goverment, Nabeshima Han manufactured modern iron
1850----- Ҿ revolted in
1850----- California was admitted to the United States
1851----- George Taylor started Taylor Instruments in Rochester New York
1852Jun10 ȱ was killed in Qing army raid
1853Jul08 2 USS warships anchored at Uraga
1853Jul11 Government decided to receive the US formal letter
1853Jul14 100 US Marines landed Kurihama, Izu received the letter
1853Jul17 Perry left for Hong Kong
1853Aug05 Allowed daimyos and ministers to write an opinion for the crisis
1853Sep17 Government requested Nabeshima Han to cast steel guns
1853Sep18 Toda and Ido did a proposal of building warships at Uraga
1853Sep-- 峤 revolted
1853Oct17 Bakufu abolished the ban to build big ships
1854Feb13 10 USS warships came at Koshiba
1854Mar31 Japan and US tied a treaty
1854----- Zeng Guofan organized ŷ
1855----- Established kaigun denshu syo at Nagasaki
1855Nov11 Ansei Earthquake M 6.9 damaged Edo
1856Aug21 Harris came at Shimoda by a USS warship
1857Jun17 Japan and US agreement
1857Dec07 Harris met Shogun Iesada
1858Jun-- Qing tied ŷž between UK, France, Russia and US
1858Jun19 Signed treaty of Amity and Commerce between the US
1858Sep-- Joint French and Spanish expedition landed at Da Nang
1858----- Armstrong's breech-loading type gun
1858----- Bakufu established English learning shool at Nagasaki
1859Mar Abolished kaigun denshu syo
1859--- Tied unequal treaty with 5 powers(US, UK, France, Netherlands, Russia)
1859--- Russell Ohl invented lead battery
1860Mar24 Ii Naosuke, Head master of Government and daimyo of Hikone Han was assassinated
1860Sep-- Joint British and French armies burned Qing's ̾
1860----- Bakufu adopted English faculty at ٽĴ
1860----- British and French concession was established in Tianjin
1861Apr US Civil War
1861--- Bakufu's smallpox vaccine institute turned into western medicine
1861--- Li Hongzhang organized η
1862----- Takasugi went to see Shanghai on Bakufu's д
1862----- Bakufu renamed ٽĴ into
1863Feb21 Yoshinobu arrived at Kyoto
1863Jun08 Yoshinobu left for Kanagawa
1863Aug-- HMS flotilla destroyed Satsuma's reverberatory furnace at bombardment
1863--- Choshu-han organized a new infantry, Kihei-tai
1863--- French and British troops stationed at Yokohama
1864--- Ono Asylum
1864--- ʿŷ occupied
1865Mar-- Bakufu organized Western infantry Densyu-tai
1865Apr09 US Civil War ended
1866Oct16 170 French Marines landed Korea from Yokohama
1866----- Fukuzawa translated United States Declaration of Independence into Japanese
1866----- Established kaigun denshu sho at Yokohama, adopted French method
1866----- Bakufu began to build Yokosuka Shipyard
1866----- Mikado died of smallpox
1867Nov19 Yoshinobu expressed resign of Shougun
1867Dec25 Sinagawa naval Battle between Bakufu and Satsuma
1867----- France dispatched troops from Yokohama to Vietnum
1868Jan04 Awa naval Battle between Bakufu and Satsuma
1868Jan27 Bakufu Army was defeated at Toba near Kyoto
1868Apr04 Declared Charter Oath (Gokajyo no Goseimon) to Daimyo and Kuge
1868Apr07 Gobo no keiji except Hatamoto and Sabaku-daimyo
1869May10 US Transcontinental Railroad
1869May17 Boshin War ended
1871Jun10 US warships bombarded
1871Sep-- Tied with Qing
1871----- Built Yokosuka Shipyard
1873--- Abolished the ban on Christianity, evil religions
1874--- Abolished gobo no keiji
1874----- Albert Wright synthesized heroin
1875Mar02 French and British troops left Yokohama
1876Feb-- ī
1877 Hakuai-sha was established
1877 W.G. Adams & R.E. Day found photovoltaic effect of selenium
1879----- Ice hockey was played in Canada
1880----- Lèse majesté was published
1880Oct28 William Merrell Vories was borin in Kansas
1884----- ʩ
1885----- ʩŷž between Qing and France
1885----- France conquered Indochina
1887----- 1st Okayama Orphanage
1887May-- Hakuai-sha was renamed Red Cross Society
1887----- Education Ministry established zouhei-gakka (¤ʼز) in Tokyo
1888----- Tied Ͻ̾
1888----- Japanese concession was established in Tianjin
1889Jul18 Kido Kouichi was born
1889 1st saint Hilda asylum for the age in Japan
1890 1st Japanese Imperial Meeting
1891----- Nitobe introduced skating and Sappro Skating Club was established
1893----- Nagai synthesized a kind of drug, Methamphetamine
1894Jul16 Signed Japanese-Anglo Treaty of Commerce and Navigation
1894----- Korea abolished eunuch official
1894----- John H. Patterson founded NCR
1896Jun03 Russia got right to build Ŵƻ
1896Jul21 ̾ҳ was tied
1896----- M. Planck's radiation law
1897----- Braun invented CRT
1898Jan-- UK got right to build ĹήŴƻ by loan
1898Mar06 Germany got right to build 籺Ŵƻ
1898Mar-- Russia got right to build in Ⱦ
1898May01 Manila Bay Battle between US and Spain
1898Jun21 US captured Guam
1898Jul04 US flag hoisted over Wake Island
1899----- German flag hoisted over Saipan
1899----- German concession was established in Tianjin
1901Sep07 Austria-Hungary gained a concession zone in Tianjin
1901Sep07 Italy gained a concession zone in Tianjin
1901----- USN began building the Navy Coaling Station in Sandiego
1902----- UK All Red Route
1902----- St. Luke's Hospital was founded in Tokyo
1902----- Belgian Concession was established in Tianjin
1903Oct08 US and Japan tied treaty with Qing in Shanghai
1903Oct28 Russia occupied Mukden
1903Dec17 Wright Brothrers flew gasoline engine aircraft at Kitty Hawk
1903----- Russian concession was established in Tianjin
1903----- Yokosuka Shipyard was renamed Yokosuka Arsenal
1904----- Russia broke diplomatic cipher of Japan
1904Feb-- Japanese-Russo War
1904Mar25 Battleship Satsuma ran with mixture of coal and oil
1904Sep-- Russia built Trans-Siberian Railway
1905Jan10 William Merrell Vories left for Japan
1905Sep-- Japanese-Russo War ended
1905Oct15 Katsura-Harriman Agreement
1905Oct16 Void Katsura-Harriman Agreement
1906Mar24 IJN launched Cruiser Ikoma equiped with a boiler for oil
1907Apr04 Set up Russia, US and France as imaginary enemies
1907Jul30 1st Japanese-Russo Agreement
1907----- Yokosuka Arsenal made a trial of diesel engine
1908Oct18 USN Great White Fleet visited Yokohama
1908----- Mass production of Fords
1908----- USN began to build Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
1909Jan-- was
1909May-- Newspapers Law
1909Oct26 Itoh Hirobumi was assasinated in Harbin
1909----- Fiction, 'The Valor of Ignorance' in US
1910Jul04 2nd Japanese-Russo Agreement
1911Feb21 Japanese-US Revised Treaty of Commerce and Navigation
1911----- ɰ̿ in China
1912Jul08 3rd Japanese-Russo Agreement
1912Sep-- Nogi killed himself
1912----- Mass production of gasoline US
1913Jan-- Ougai wrote 'Abe family'
1913----- Harry Brearley found stain less steel
1914Apr17 Suzuki was appointed Navy Deputy Minister
1914Jul-- WWI broke out
1914Aug11 Asahi Newspaper suggested to arms in China
1914Aug15 US built Panama Canal. Ultimatum to Germany
1914Aug23 Government declared war on Germany
1914----- Australia occupied German New Guinea
1914Oct-- Japan occupied German Saipan
1914Oct12 Japan occupied German Truk
1914Nov07 Japan occupied German
1914Nov11 Government decided to Twenty-One demands
1914----- Fiction 'The next war' in Japan
1915Jan18 Oukuma Cabinet proposed Twenty-One Demands
1915Feb02 Japan and China began talks about Twenty-One demands
1916Mar23 gave up being Emperor
1916Apr23 Asahi Newspaper suggested to arms in China
1915May07 Ultimatum to China
1915May25 Japan and China tied amended Twenty-One demands
1915Sep01 Yokogawa founded a labo for measuring instrument
1915Sep14 Destroyer Urakaze was launched in UK
1915----- A UK night fighter shot down a German LZ37 flying boat
1916Jul03 4th Japanese-Russo Agreement
1916----- USN 156 warships, 230 kton plan
1917Apr06 US declared war on Germany
1917----- A German DFW CV shot down a UK bomber at night
1917----- Nakajima Chikuhei founded Nakajima Aircraft Co.
1918Jun29 Set up Russia, US and China as imaginary enemies
1918Nov11 Destroyer Kawakaze II was equiped with four boilers for oil and launched in Yokosuka
1918----- Ogasawara Islands are patrol lines of IJN
1919Jan18 Paris Peace Conference
1919May04 5.4 Movement against Japan in China
1919May06 Third Afghan War
1919Aug-- Tojo stationed at Switzland
1919----- A hidden chritian publicized 400 years old portrait of Xavier
1919----- Spanish Flu pandemic killed up to 100 million people worldwide in 1918-19
1920Aug10 IJA established a branch of fort building at Chichijima
1920----- Nimitz was engaged in building submarine base at Pearl #333 Habor
1920----- UK, France, US and Japan agreed with 4-power international loan to China
1920----- ľ near ̵
1921Jan-- US maintained a permanent garrison at Tientsin by the 15th Infantry
1921Jun10 IJA began building forts at Ogasawara Islands
1921Nov04 Hara Tsuyoshi was assasinated by a JNR service man
1921Nov11 Hara Takashi's funeral
1921Nov12 Washington Naval Conference began
1921----- China signed a separate treaty with Germany
1921----- Ƚ and established Communist Party
1922Feb01 Yamagata Aritomo died
1922Feb06 Nine-Power Treaty
1922Feb06 IJA stopped building forts by Naval Disarmament Treaty
1922Apr01 IJN pulled up troops from Ogasawara Islands
1922Apr22 켡ľ
1922Nov-- Tojo came back to Japan
1922----- Diplomatic cipher was broken
1923Jul02 US activated NRL
1923Aug17 Anglo-Japanese Alliance terminated
1923Sep01 Great Kanto Earthquake, M 7.9
1923Sep20 IJN battleship Mikasa was out of duty list
1923Sep23 A pilot of RN landed on IJN aircraft carrier Hosho
1923----- Ogasawara Islands are final battle lines of IJN
1923----- IJA invited an intelligence officer of Poland
1923----- IJN built Omura Airfields
1923----- IJN established NRL
1923----- 10 leaders of labor union were killed at Narashino police by IJA
1923----- IJA established a fort head quater at Chichijima
1924May10 15th general election
1924May31 Chinese-Russian Agreement
1924Sep15 ľ
1924Sep20 Hou-Russia Agreement about Chinese Eastern Railway
1924----- US Immigration Act of 1924
1924----- USN began signal intelligence in Shanghai
1924----- Russia renounced its claim on the concession in Tianjin
1924----- China exiled eunuch officials from the Forbidden City
1925Jan-- USN planned war against Japan
1925Mar12 ¹ ʸ died in Beijing
1925Apr15 Suzuki was appointed Chief of Naval General Staff
1925----- Peace Preservation Law of 1925
1925----- Oji establshied an ice hokey team in Tomakomai
1925----- Furukawa established an ice hokey team in Nikko
1925----- US armed intervention to Panama
1925----- Canton Government formed in
1925----- Tariff meeting in Beijing
1926Dec-- UK approved of 2.5% of tariff in China
1926----- US armed intervention to Nicaragua
1927Apr05 Suzuki Syoten became bankrupt
1927Apr10 Northern Expedition of 
1927May-- Dispatched 4,300 troops in Jinan
1927Jul24 Akutagawa killed himself
1927Sep08 Retreated troops from Jinan
1927Oct-- Manchuria railway and ĥ agreed with building of railways
1927Dec01 Soong May-ling married Chiang Kai-shek
1927----- IJN built airfields at Hachijyojima of Ogasawara Is.
1927----- IJN broke UK and US diplomatic cipher
1927----- Heidegger's Sein und Zeit
1927----- Published Fort Defense Guideline
1928Feb20 16th general election
1928Apr10  actioned 2nd Northern Expedition
1928Apr19 IJA dispached 3 infantry bands at Jinan
1928Apr26 IJA 6th Division arrived at Jinan from Kumamoto
1928May03 Jinam Incident
1928May18 Tanaka Cabinet gave ̵ and Canton Government notice of law and order
1928Jun-- Chang's army entered in ̵
1928Jul19 Nanjin Government declared void ̾ҳ
1928Jul-- Canton Government expressed void of unequal treaties
1928Jul-- US approved of tariff autonomy of Canton Government
1928Dec29 ĥ occupied a telephone station of Chinese Eastern Railway
1928Dec29 ĥ refused the agreement with Manchuria Railways
1928Dec-- US approved Canton Government
1928----- Turkey abolished Arabic script
1929Jan10 ĥ assasinated 縵㻲Ĺ ̱ at ϰϷģ
1929Jan22 Kato Hiroharu was appointed Chief of Naval General Staff
1929Jan29 Suzuki was appointed Grand Chamberlain
1929May27 Chinese police invaded Russian embassy in Harbin
1929Jun03 Tanaka Cabinet approved of Canton Government
1929Jul02 Ugaki was appointed Army Minister
1929Jul18 Russia
1929Jul19 China pulled out diplomats in Moscow
1929Jul27 Government signed Geneva Convention
1929Jul27 Mikado ratified Pact of Paris
1929Oct12 Gunboats combat between Russia and China
1929Nov-- Max Bauer became a military adviser of Chiang
1929Dec22 China and Russia signed Khabarovsk Agreement
1929Dec25 Russian army withdrew from Manchuria
1929----- IJA developed landing craft with a ramp
1929----- IJN transferred fuel of warships to oil
1930Jan21 the London Naval Conference
1930Jan-- Hamaguchi Cabinet decided of Chinese tariff autonomy
1930Feb20 17th general election
1930Apr22 UK, Japan, France, Italy and US signed London Naval Treaty
1930Apr25 Foreign affair Minister Shidehara made a speech
1930Apr-- Inugai and Hatoyama condemned 㸢
1930Apr26 Asahi Newspaper disagreed Inugai and Hatoyama's opinion
1930May06 ڴǶ was tied
1930Jun10 Kato, Chief of Naval General Staff
1930Jun11 Taniguchi was appointed Chief of Naval General Staff
1930Aug06 Spain ratified Geneva Convention
1930Oct01 Privy Council passed London Naval treaty
1930Oct02 Mikado ratified London Naval treaty
1930Nov14 Shidehara showed a guideline of railways issue
1930Nov14 Prime Minister Hamaguchi was shot by a radical at Tokyo Station
1930Dec03 IJA approved Shidehara's proposal
1930Dec19 Switzerland ratified Geneva Convention
1930----- USA SIS hired 3 mathmatical teachers for analysis
1930----- Manchuria Mediacl School took part in Ice Hockey World Championship
1931Jan23 Matsuoka said, 'Manchuria and Mongol is the life line of Japanese people' in the Diet
1931Feb03 Shidehara made a speech in the Diet, Nakajima made a question
1931Mar17 IJA radicals stopped coup d'etat, March Incident
1931Mar24 Italy ratified Geneva Convention
1931Apr14 Minami was appointed Army Minister
1931May20 Republic of Serbia ratified Geneva Convention
1931Jun08 Portugal ratified Geneva Convention
1931Jun23 British Commonwealth ratified Geneva Convention
1931Jun19 IJA thought invasion plan of Manchuria
1931Jun24 Norway ratified Geneva Convention
1931Jul03 Sweden ratified Geneva Convention
1931Jul-- IJA moved a 24 cm gun from ι to Mukden
1931Sep18 Manchurian Incident
1931Sep19 24cm howitzers of IJA fired and occupied Mukden
1931Sep22 Wakatsuki Cabinet approved of IJA invasion crossing Korea
1931Oct01 Asahi Newspaper insisted Manchuria and Mongol independence from China
1931Oct14 Latvia ratified Geneva Convention
1931Oct23 Mainichi Newspaper wrote that Japan should not withdraw troops
1931Oct24 Romania ratified Geneva Convention
1931Nov11 Shibusama Eiichi died
1931Dec13 Araki was appointed Army Minister
1932Jan07 Stimson doctrine
1932Jan29 Shanghai Incident
1932Feb04 USA ratified Geneva Convention
1932Feb05 IJA occupied Harbin
1932Feb09 Inoue Jyunnosuke was assasinated
1932Feb20 18th general election
1932Feb22 A Boeing-218 shot down a Mitsubishi 13shiki-3go kanko
1932Feb24 Asahi and Mainichi Newspaper wrote 3 brave soldiers
1932Mar18 Mainichi Newspaper held a concert honoring 3 sucided IJA soldiers
1932Mar23 Brazil ratified Geneva Convention
1932Mar29 Mainichi Newspaper insisted walking out the League of Nations
1932Mar05 Dan Takuma was assasinated
1932May05 Cease fire of Shanghai Incident signed
1932May12 Belgium ratified Geneva Convention
1932May15 PM Inugai was assasinated at Kantei by IJN radicals
1932May26 Okada was appointed Navy Minister
1932Jun29 Poland ratified Geneva Convention
1932Aug01 Mexico ratified Geneva Convention
1932Aug05 Denmark ratified Geneva Convention
1932Oct01 Mainichi Newspaper scooped the Lytton Commission report
1932Oct05 Netherlands ratified Geneva Convention
1932Oct12 Board of Asahi Newspaper decided to support military actions absolutely
1932Nov18 Government submitted an opinion to Nation Leagues
1932Dec19 132 Japanese newspapers declared not to accept the Lytton Commission report at the same day
1932---- Inugai Cabint banned 2,081 pulications of newspapers
1932---- China established National Resources Commission
1933Jan09 Ousumi was appointed Navy Minister
1933Feb11 Asahi Newspaper wrote walk out League of Nations
1933Feb14 Asahi Newspaper's colum predicted war against the US
1933Feb20 Cabinet decided walkout of the League of Nations
1933Feb20 Canada ratified Geneva Convention
1933Mar-- Nagata was inaugurated Brigadier of 1st Brigade
1933Jun01 Chile ratified Geneva Convention
1933Jul25 Egypt ratified Geneva Convention
1933Aug01 Shinano Mainichi Newspaper denied defense air drill in Kanto
1933Dec-- Imperial Diet approved of IJN building plan 2
1933----- Nakajima bought manufacturing license of aircraft engine from Wright
1933----- Built a north-south runstrip of 800x200m at Iwojima
1933----- US gave China 80 million dollars loan
1933----- US armed intervention to Nicaragua
1934Jan23 Hayashi was appointed Army Minister
1934Jan-- Germany established Hapro
1934Feb21 Germany ratified Geneva Convention
1934Mar05 Nagata was Director of IJA ministry
1934Mar10 Turkey ratified Geneva Convention
1934Mar10 Hasegawa was appointed IJN deputy minister
1934Mar17 US Vinson-Trammell Act passed
1934Apr29 Suzuki awarded Ͳ
1934May19 El Salvador approved of Manchuria
1934May29 Iraq ratified Geneva Convention
1934May30 Togo heihachiro died
1934Aug-- Treaty for the Exchange of Chinese Raw Materials and Agricultural Products of German Industrial and Other Products
1934Sep07 Okada Cabinet decided void the Washington Treaty
1934Oct22 Japan and US pre disarmament talk in London
1934Nov02 MLB visited Japan with an intelligence agent
1934Nov15 IJN opposed Geneva Convention
1934Dec29 Ambassador Saitoh announced to US Secretary Haru denunciation of Wasington Treaty
1934----- UK and Germany began developing radar
1934----- Nakajima purchased manufacturing license of Wright Cyclone 9 Engine
1935Mar20 House of Peers resoluted ħ
1935Mar23 Diet resoluted ħ
1935Apr06 ƿӻϺ羭 told ħ
1935Apr09 Minister of Education ordered ħ
1935Apr15 IJA distributed 150,000 leaflet of ħ
1935Jun18 Anglo-German Naval Agreement
1935Jun25 IJN aircraft carrier Kaga reformed flight decks
1935Aug03 Okada Cabinet declared ħ
1935Aug12 Nagata Tetsuzan was killed
1935Aug21 France ratified Geneva Convention
1935Sep05 Kawashima was appointed Army Minister
1935Sep19 Minobe resigned a senate of House of Peers
1935Sep26 The 4th Fleet Incident
1935Sep-- Tojo was appointed chief staff of Kanto army
1935Oct15 Government omitted ŷĵ
1935Nov19 China ratified Geneva Convention
1935Dec08 Kyoto Internal Police raided Omoto Shrine
1935Dec09 The 2nd London Naval Disarmament Conference opened
1935----- Yen value lowered
1935----- USN guided welding for commerce shipbuilding
1936Jan15 Withdraw from London Disarmament Conference
1936Feb20 19th general election
1936Feb26 IJA palace guards revolted against Government and assasinated the 30th PM Saito
1936Mar07 Remilitarization of the Rhineland
1936Mar09 Nagano was appointed Navy Minister
1936Mar09 Terauchi was appointed Army Minister
1936Mar25 US, UK and France signed 2nd London Naval Treaty
1936Mar25 IJN was responsible for Ogasawara Islands except for Chichijima by Fort Zone Law
1936Mar26 Takahashi Korekiyo's funeral
1936Jun03 Set up US, Russia, China and UK as imaginary enemies
1936Jun03 Revised guide line of defence
1936Jul-- Spanish Civil War
1936Oct22 Long March of Red Army ended
1936Nov20 Suzuki resigned Grand Chamberlain
1936Dec01 Yamamoto was appointed IJN Deputy Minister
1936Dec-- Imperial Diet approved of IJN building plan 3
1936----- P&W began to develop R-2800 engine
1936----- US and Germany built merchant ships by welding
1936----- Mitsubishi purchased manufacturing license of P&W Hornet Engine
1936--- Imperial naval war college discussed air bombardment of Pearl Habor
1936----- IJN built Kanoya Air Base
1936----- US began production of gasoline in Foudry Process
1936----- USS Lexington reformed flight deck
1936----- 1st Burma movie 'Nippon musume'
1936----- Imperial NRL proposed radar study
1936----- US Congress passed Merchant Marine Act
1936----- Shoukon Shrine was established in Okinawa
1936----- Turing's idea of universal machine
1936----- Stimson's Far Eastern Crisis
1937Feb02 Yonai was appointed Navy Minister
1937Feb09 Sugiyama was appointed Army Minister
1937Mar31 IJN submarine I-7 completed
1937Mar-- IJA Tokuyama oil refinery plant succeeded in production of 92 octane gasoline
1937May31 Education Ministry distributed 300 thousand leaflet of national spiritual movement
1937Apr30 20th general election
1937Jul07 Konoe Cabinet failed to finish Marco Polo Bridge Incident
1937Jul17 Chiang published his declare of ǸƬ at ת
1937Jul-- Research of wartime merchant ships
1937Jul-- IJN rare opinion of big aircraft superiority over aircraft carrier
1937Jul-- FDR's quarantine speech in Chicago
1937Aug10 Yamamoto requested IJA to dispatch troops in Shanghai
1937Aug13 Chinese troops got off train near Shanghai and IJN carriers steamed from Dairen
1937Aug15 Konoe Fumimaro declared ˽Ĩ against China
1937Aug15 20 Nells bombarded 2 airfields of Nanjing from Ohmura and lost 4
1937Aug21 Sino-Soviet Nonaggression Pact
1937Aug22 IJA landed on Shanghai
1937Nov04 Battleship Yamato's keel was laid down
1937Nov06 IJA landed on
1937Nov30 Mainichi Newspaper covered Contest to kill 100 people
1937Dec07 Chiang Kai-shek evacuated from Nanjing
1937Dec12 Hull talked to Leahy about USS Panay
1937Dec14 UK hoped that RN and USN would dispatch warships together to China
1937Dec14 Hull passed FDR's note to Ambassador Saito
1937Dec28 Hull's speech broadcasted 1937Dec-- Asahi Newspaper collected donations for 90 military aircraft
1937----- Built a east-west runstrip of 800x200m at Iwojima
1937----- Subsidary aid for building merchant ships to rebuild for auxiliary aircraft carrier
1937----- 3rd IJN armament plan to build 66 warships and 269,510t
1937----- Russia developed rocket guns of RS-82 and RS-132
1937----- BBC began TV broadcast
1938Jan13 USN and RN cooperation plan actioned against IJN
1938Jan16 Konoe's declaration not to talk with Chiang
1938Mar01 Russia tied 1st loan to China and sent 297 aircraft
1938Mar-- IJA established a total war research chamber
1938May17 US Naval Expansion Act passed
1938May-- Tojo was appointed Deputy Army Minister
1938May-- League of Nations condemned IJA usage of chemical weapon in China
1938Jun-- US moral embargo
1938Jun-- Unit 731 began to build a secret labo in Manchuria
1938Jul01 Russia tied 2nd loan to China and sent 180 aircraft
1938Aug31 IJN Akagi reformed flight decks boilers for oil
1938Nov-- Konoe Fumimaro declared new east asia order
1938Nov-- Police took a hand to gather and send domestic comfort women to China for IJA
1938Dec15 US tied an barter of gasoline and trucks to China
1938Dec-- Imperail Diet approved of IJN building plan 4
1938--- Dupont industrilized Nylon 66
1938--- Production of Hamilton constant speed variable pitch propeller
1938--- IJN began building Atsugi Airfields
1938--- US, UK and France agreed on a new displacement limit of 45,000 tons for battleships
1938--- USAAF planned to increase 300 trainees to 90,000 per year till the end of 1941
1938----- Rockefeller foundation donated the Institute of Public Health
1939Jan01 Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded HP
1939Jan04 FDR requested $300,000,000 for aircraft
1939Mar-- Merchant ship Kaizen Association recommended wartime standard ship of freighters
1939Mar-- US tied a loan to China for aircraft
1939Apr03 US Congress approved purchase for 3,300 aircraft
1939Apr-- IJN established a koukutai at Chichijima
1939May-- Nomonhan Incident
1939May-- USN tested radars on the Caribbean Sea
1938Jun03 Itagaki was appointed Army Minister
1939Jul05 USS South Dakota' (BB-57) keel was laid
1939Aug30 Hata was appointed IJA Minister
1939Aug30 Yoshida was appointed IJN Minister
1939Aug30 Sumiyama was appointed IJN deputy minister
1939Aug30 ɹ was appointed Chief of Naval Munitions Bureau
1939Sep17 Running aircraft carrier HMS Courageous was sunk by a submarine for the first time in naval history
1939Nov15 IJN established the 4th fleet and changed a final battle line to the Marshall, the West Caroline
1939Dec-- UK got Oslo Report
1939Dec-- US banned export of high quality aviation gasoline and tetraethyl lead etc
1939Dec-- UK surveyed an antenna of German sunk warship Admiral Graf Spee
1939----- RN tested a receiver to detect a position of emitting wireless siganal at Gibraltar
1939----- RN positioned a U-boat from a wireless signal
1939----- IJN aircraft adopted VHF wireless phone of AM
1939----- IJN developed 20mm aircraft gun Type 99
1939----- Kousei married Mao
1940Jan11 US launched USS Long Island
1940Jan26 Japanese-US Treaty of Commerce and Navigation was expired
1940Feb11 German-Soviet Commercial Agreement was signed
1940Feb-- IJN changed imaginary combat sea into the Marshall
1940Feb-- Saito Takao made a speech on Diet to condemn military's concerns of politics
1940Mar07 US tied a loan to China for Tin
1940May14 US Congress approved production of 10,000 USN aircraft
1940Mar-- Saito Takao was expelled from the Diet
1940Apr09 Germany invaded Denmark and Norway
1940Apr29 Tojo awarded kyokujitu dai-jyu sho
1940Apr-- Japan and the US resumed diplomatic negotiation
1940May-- Navy Minister Yoshida Zengo remarked sea lane defense concern
1940May-- Foreign correspondence wrote a radio (radar) battle in the Atlantic
1940Jun01 Kido was appointed Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal
1940Jun03 US imposed embargo of tool machine on Japan
1940Jun10 Vichy government established in France
1940Jun12 Naval GS inquired IJN office in London about radio weapon
1940Jun22 France surrendered
1940Jun-- Battleship Shinano's keel was laid down
1940Jul03 USN ordered building Essex class aircraft carriers
1940Jul19 US Two-Ocean Navy Act passed
1940Jul19 Konoe met Tojo, Yoshida Zengo and Matsuoka
1940Jul22 Tojo Hideki accepted minister of IJA
1940Jul26 US informed Japan of abolishment of Treaty of Commerce and Navigation
1940Jul26 Konoe decided diplomatic policy
1940Aug01 US imposed embargo of low quality aviation gasoline on Japan
1940Sep05 Oikawa was appointed IJN Minister
1940Sep05 Toyoda S. was appointed IJN deputy minister
1940Sep15 Yoshida Zengo resigned minister of IJN
1940Sep23 Occupied the north of French Indochina
1940Sep25 US Purple decoder began output
1940Sep27 Konoe Cabinet tied Three-Power Pact
1940Sep28 US imposeed embargo of scrap steel on Japan
1940Sep-- IJN ordered Nakajima to make a trial 2000 hp fighter engine
1940Sep-- The total war research chamber changed into the total war institute
1904Oct07 USN Lieutenant Commander McCollum proposed ¥ʳн
1940Oct08 US recommended that American women and children would left the Far East
1940Oct15 Foreign Affair Minister Matsuoka met US Ambassador Grew
1940Oct-- X4FU recorded 651.8km/h with P&W R-2800
1940Nov11 21 RN carrier aircraft raided Taranto
1940Nov28 USN requested a final specification for production of F4U, considering combats in Europe
1940Nov30 US tied 50 million dollar loan to China
1940Nov-- FDR was to be elected President
1940Dec30 Vought began revised design of F4U
1940Dec-- US imposed embargo of iron and iron ore on Japan
1940Dec-- Halsey proposed Stark to rebuild auxiliary aircraft carriers
1940Dec-- US decided to build 51 airfields
1940----- Ratio of US investment of China/Japan decreased
1940----- A Chinese popular song was sung in Japan
1940----- IJA developed 12.7mm aircraft gun Ho-103
1940----- Russia stopped 3rd loan to China
1941Jan10 German-Soviet Border and Commercial Agreement was signed
1941Jan27 Ambassador Grew reported Hull the possibility of IJN Perl Harbor sudden attack
1941Jan31 FDR announced building of 200 merchant ships
1941Jan-- Commander Yamamoto wrote a Perl Harbor raid to Ohnish
1941Jan-- Yamamoto met Ohnishi and suggested to him to make a draft of Perl Harbor raid on battleship Nagato
1941Jan-- US imposed embargo of copper, zinc and nickel on Japan
1941Jan-- RN began rebuilding German merchant ship Hanover for an auxiliary aircraft carrier
1941Feb08 Ambassador Nomura met Secretary Hull
1941Feb14 Second meeting with Nomura and Hull
1941Feb17 Proposal for agreement between Japan and US
1941Feb-- US imposed embargo of Radium and Uranium on Japan
1941Feb-- Onishi asked Genda to make Perl Harbor raid plan
1941Mar11 US Lend Lease Act
1941Mar27 IJNGS agent Yoshikaga arrived at Hawaii
1941Mar-- Onishi adopted the Hitokappu Bay to go out for Perl Harbor
1941Apr04 Sawamoto was appointed IJN deputy minister
1941Apr05 IJN told IJA to begin a war for Jison-jiei
1941Apr06 Germany invaded Balkan
1941Apr09 Nagano was appointed Chief of Naval General Staff
1941Apr09 Nomura's proposal for agreement between Japan and US
1941Apr13 Japanese-Soviet Neutrality Pact was signed
1941Apr14 Hull proposed 4 principles
1941Apr17 ܺ׹
1941Apr19 Hull met Nomura and proposed 3 principles about China
1941Apr21 Minister of MOFA Matsuoka arrived at Tachikawa Airfield
1941Apr28 USS Essex was laid down
1941Apr-- Onishi proposed Yamamoto Perl Harbor raid plan
1941Apr-- US announced 112 wartime merchant ships building of Plan #2
1941Apr-- Germany warnmed Oshima cracks of codes of MOFA
1941Apr-- Total war research institute selected 36 researchers
1941May06 US applied Lend Lease Act to China
1941May12 Nomura proposed an amended draft to Hull
1941May31 US proposed new draft
1941May-- Surface radar Type 271 was first fitted to corvette HMS Orchis
1941May-- IJN began research survey of nuke
1941Jun02 USS Long Island was commisioned
1941Jun05 IJN Ishikawa proposed a campaign in the south
1941Jun06 Ambassador Oshima informed that Geramany and Russia would begin war
1941Jun11 Government argued ܺ׹ on ܱϢ
1941Jun14 IJA proposed an invasion plan in the north or the south to IJN
1941Jun16 USAAF ordered 14 YB-29s for $1,403,623.86
1941Jun20 IJN made an opinion to dare to war on USabout the invasion plan
1941Jun21 Ĺ
1941Jun22 German-Soviet War stopped import of machine tool from Europe
1941Jun24 IJA and IJN agreed with ׹ˡto use force in case of US or UK sanctions
1941Jun25 ܱϢ
1941Jun30 USN ordered 584 F4U-1 and 2 trials of F6F-1
1941Jun-- IJA Yokkaichi oil refinery accomplished a crude distillation unit
1941Jul02 Tojo Cabinet decided to invade French Indochina
1941Jul05 Ambassador Craigie expressed concern for intended invasion of Japan
1941Jul07 Imperial General Headquarters ordered Kanto army to prepare a drill
1941Jul16 Konoe Cabinet resigned
1941Jul18 Nippon Yusen stopped Hong Kong-San Francisco line
1941Jul19 IJN requested secretary of cabinet to prepare war against UK and US
1941Jul21 IJA and IJN proposed Tojo not to stop preparing a war in the north or the south
1941Jul21 ܱϢ
1941Jul24 Ambassdor Nomura informed of FDR's oil embargo warning
1941Jul25 US froze Japanese prosperity in the US
1941Jul26 UK froze Japanese prosperity in the UK
1941Jul28 Stationed troops in the south of French Indochina
1941Jul31 IJN CNO Nagano explained Mikado to declare war
1941Jul-- US announced 418 wartime merchant ships building of Plan #3
1941Aug01 US imposed overall embargo of oil on Japan
1941Aug03 IJN 1st commitee made a plot to war
1941Aug03 IJA proposed war against Russia to IJN
1941Aug05 IJA and IJN agreed to return fire from Russia
1941Aug01 IJNGS ordered an agent to report main warship positions in Perl Harbor
1941Aug07 Kuroshima and Tomioka met about naval operaion
1941Aug08 Aircraft carrier Shokaku was commissioned
1941Aug08 Nomura proposed Konoe-Roosevelt talk
1941Aug09 IJA gave up the north invasion plan in 1941
1941Aug09 Atlantic Charter
1941Aug0- US decided 10.7 billion dollars armament aid to Soviet
1941Aug15 IJN decided to hire 300 kGT of merchant ships in August and September twice
1941Aug16 IJN and IJA tried fixing
1941Aug15 IJN stopped operations against China and usual drill, began to prepare war
1941Aug17 Roosevelt met Nomura and warned
1941Aug17 Nippon Yusen stopped Yokohama-Seattle line
1941Aug19 Government stopped gasoline for buses
1941Aug27 Total war research institute reported war drill at Kantei
1941Aug-- IJA Intelligence reported Chief of General Staff that Germany would not win
1941Sep01 IJN ordered wartime organization
1941Sep03 ܱϢ about and Ƹ
1941Sep05 Mikado asked CNO Nagano to win the war or not
1941Sep06 Imperial Conference
1941Sep06 USAAF ordered 250 B-29 for $3,000,000,000
1941Sep11 Roosevelt announced that he had ordered USN to attack German and Italian war vessels in the "waters which we deem necessary for our defense"
1941Sep11 IJN did secret war board game
1941Sep17 MOFA made λ, Fujioka and Oka approved
1941Sep18 ܱϢ
1941Sep19 ܱϢ about ǽŪλ
1941Sep25 IJN organized 5th Koku-sentai
1941Sep28 Admiral Yamamoto talked about no war to CNO Nagano
1941Sep29 Nagumo, Kusaga and Genda met Tsukahara and Onishi at Kanoya, they agreed not to action Perl Harbor operaion
1941Oct01 IJN Minister Oikawa talked to Konoe about
1941Oct02 US refused summit talk, but remarked ʼ in China
1941Oct02 IJN attache Yokoyama informed that ʼ was a problem to negotiate
1941Oct04 ܱϢ about MOFA's , Prime, FA and IJN ministers agreed
1941Oct05 IJN's Ǿ
1941Oct06 IJA and IJN Ĺ
1941Oct06 IJN estimated 1.6 million GT loss of merchant ships in ܱϢ
1941Oct07 Tojo asked Oikawa to win or lose the war in the morning, Oikawa said no
1941Oct07 ܱϢ
1941Oct07 IJN 1st Air Fleet Commander announced Perl Harbor raid operation in Carrier Kaga
1941Oct09 US Army Inteligence cracked #83 telegram from Tokyo to Honolulu in 15 days
1941Oct09 GF did war board game about Pearl Harbor operaion at Battleship Nagato
1941Oct11 Ambassador Nomura informed of US 4 principles
1941Oct12 IJN's Ǿ
1941Oct12 Prime, IJA, IJN, MFOA and 象 had a meeting
1941Oct14 Army Minister Tojo refused Konoe's proposal to withdraw troops in China
1941Oct16 IJNGS agreed with oilers for Pearl Harbor operation, but 5th Koku-sentai
1941Oct18 Tojo was appointed Army and Prime Minister
1941Oct18 Shimada was appointed Navy Minister
1941Oct18 Sorge Incident
1941Oct19 Germany invaded Kiev
1941Oct19 GF Kuroshima met IJNGS Itoh
1941Oct23 IJN CNO Nagano told Tojo that IJN spent 400t of oil per hour, that was wrong
1941Oct23 ܱϢ about θ̤
1941Oct24 ܱϢ about ˳碌ФϢŪǡ
1941Oct25 ܱϢ about ξǡ
1941Oct27 ܱϢ about ʪμ븫
1941Oct28 ܱϢ about ȯξгطǡ
1941Oct30 Tojo showed 3 options to action
1941Oct31 USS destroyer Reuben James sank
1941Oct-- US announced 632 wartime merchant ships building of Plan #4
1941Nov01 Goverment's meeting about diplomatic negotiation againts US
1941Nov02 Nagano explained to Mikado that IJN would lose 1 BB, 2 CA, 4 CL and 1,800 aircraft
1941Nov04 IJN 1st kidobutai drilled
1941Nov06 US decided 1 billion dollars loan to Soviet
1941Nov07 Nomura proposed draft A
1941Nov13 US Congress passed mended Neutrality Acts
1941Nov15 Imperial General Headquarters ordered south army operation
1941Nov16 Warships for Hawaii gathered at the Saeki Bay
1941Nov18 IJN Minister Shimada talked about steel issue to Tojo
1941Nov18 USN warned US ships not to sail the route of Phillipines and Hawaii
1941Nov20 Nomura proposed draft B
1941Nov17 US Neutrality Acts were repealed
1941Nov18 I-16, I-18, I-20, I-22 and I-24 departed carrying a kou-hyouteki for Pearl Harbor from Kure
1941Nov23 9 IJN destroyers steamed out of the Hitokkapu Bay for Pearl Harbor
1941Nov25 Germany began a campaign of attacking Moscow
1941Nov26 IJN 1st Kidobutai departed from the Hitokappu Bay to Hawaii
1941Nov26 US proposed Hull's note
1941Nov26 Stark ordered to action unlimited submarine operation, if War broke in the Pacific
1941Nov30 IJN Minister Shimada talked about war to Sawamoto
1941Nov-- USN established Japanese Language School at California and Harvard University
1941Dec01 IJN changed call signs of war ships on surface
1941Dec02 8th Sentai received a telegram to action, "Niitaka yama nobore 1208". Battle cruiser Kirishima did the receiving telegram job
1941Dec04 1st Kido butai changed to the South
1941Dec04 Seaplane of I-10 flew on a reconnaissance mission at Pago Pago Harbor of Samoa
1941Dec06 US Army Intelligence cracked #901 telegram about note against US
1941Dec07 Oilers fueled well at Pearl Habor Operation
1941Dec05 Germany gave up attacking Moscow
1941Dec08 Government declared war on US
1941Dec08 A Awajiyama-maru 9,793t sank of air raid off Kota Bharu
1941Dec08 16 IJN seaplanes raided Guam
1941Dec08 US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Colombia and 7 other countries declared war
1941Dec08 Ministry of interior distributed war proclaim of Self-defense
1941Dec09 China and Panama declared war on Japan
1941Dec10 IJN land-based aircraft sank 2 running battleships
1941Dec10 IJA landed on Guam supported by seaplane tender Kiyokawa-maru
1941Dec16 Battleship Yamato was commissioned
1941Dec17 A seaplane of I-7 spied Pearl Harbor
1941Dec25 British Hong Kong surrendered
1941Dec27 US asked Government how to treat POW via Switzland
1941Dec31 Nimitz arrived at Pearl Harbor as USN Pacific Fleet Commander
1941----- Wartime standard ships of tankers and ore carriers
1941----- Construction on Shinano's hull was temporarily suspended
1941----- Mitsubishi began to develop a 18-cylinder aircraft engine
1941----- Japan captured B-17D
1941----- Government imported Ni 20 folds compared with in 1936
1941----- ʹ
1941----- RAF trained 20,000 air crews
1941----- US NRL developed duplexer for radars
1941----- US NRL-Western Electric and GE developed PPI for radars
1941----- Production of F4F was 185 till 1941
1941----- Russell Ohl invented solar cell of pn junction
1942Jan03 UK asked Government how to treat POWs via Argentina
1942Jan13 USAAF ordered 500 B-29 for $5,300,000,000
1942Jan23 IJN landed on Rabaul
1942Jan-- A seaplane of I-9 spied Pearl Harbor
1942Feb-- Staff of 4th Fleet in Truk had lunch listening to brass band
1942Feb08 Tatsuta Maru was sunk with all of 1418 passangers by Tarpon (SS-175) at 34-00N140-00E
1942Feb15 UK armies surrendered in Singapore
1942Feb17 E14Y1 of I-25 flew on a reconnaissance mission at Sydney Harbor
1942Feb17 IJN Shouhou carried 6 Zeros on Rabaul
1942Feb20 15 of 17 airbase bombers were lost with combat on USS Lady Lex.
1942Feb23 3 B-17 attacked Rabaul
1942Feb24 USS Enterprise raided Wake Island
1942Feb26 E14Y1 of I-25 flew on a reconnaissance mission at Hobart Harbor of Tasmania
1942Feb-- USN attacked Martial Islands
1942Feb-- Lunch listening to a naval brass band
1942Feb-- IJA ordered a trial of Ki-84
1942Feb-- The Nippon Bank Law was revised
1942Mar01 IJA landed on Java
1942Mar03 ܱϢ
1942Mar07 ΥإƳ
1942Mar04 IJN big seaplane bombarded Pearl Harbor at K operation
1942Mar04 USS Enterprise raided Minami Torishima
1942Mar08 E14Y1 of I-25 flew on a reconnaissance mission at Wellington Harbor
1942Mar08 A Yokohama-maru 6,143t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1942Mar10 B Tenyo-maru 6,667t sank of torpedo New Guinea
1942Mar12 E14Y1 of I-25 flew on a reconnaissance mission at Auckland Harbor of New Zealand
1942Mar18 E14Y1 of I-25 flew on a reconnaissance mission at Suva Harbor of Fiji
1942Mar20 USS South Dakota (BB-57) commissioned
1942Mar-- USN equipped XAM-1 radars aircraft carriers
1942Mar-- Japanese American captivity
1942Apr09 Running aircraft carrier HMS Hermes was sunk by aircraft flown from aircraft carrier
1942Apr10 Battle of Bataan ended
1942Apr11 B Daijyun-maru 1,274t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1942Apr12 IJA killed 400 POWs in Philippines
1942Apr20 Tojo moved Muto Akira from IJA ministry to Java
1942Apr30 21th general election
1942Apr-- IJN tested radars offshore of Shikoku
1942Apr-- IJN had few destroyer escorts for merchant ships
1942May02 Nimitz inspected Midway
1942May03 IJN occupied Tlagi
1942May10 E14Y1 of I-10 flew on a reconnaissance mission at Durban Habor of South Africa
1942May12 B Shouei-maru 5,644t sank of torpedo off New Guinea
1942May13 US dechiphered #442 telegram that 5th Goshima maru would arrive at Saipan till 26th about MI campaign
1942May14 Sea plane boat sighted US carrier off 445 mile from Tulagi
1942May18 US deciphered a telegram for a IJN submarine about AF & AO campaign
1942May22 Mexico declared war on Japan
1942May22 USN Intelligence Washington group agreed that AF was Midway
1942May23 Taiwan Gokoku Shrine was established
1942May25 IJN convoy departed for Midway
1942May25 USN Yorktown voyaged 6674 km from Coral Sea and arrived at Pearl Harbor
1942May27 IJN carrier Akagi, Kaga, Soryu and Hiryu departed from the Hirosima Bay for Midway
1942May27 USN 16th Task Group (Hornet & Enterprise) returned at Pearl Harbor
1942May28 USN Intelligence found IJN new cipher
1942May30 E14Y1 of I-10 flew on a reconnaissance mission at Diego Suarez Habor of Madagascar
1942May31 USN carrier Yorktown departed for Midway from Pearl Harbor
1942May-- ͻ
1942May-- US Army adopted Bazooka
1942Jun05 Seaplanes of KB could not search carriers well. IJN failed to the Midway Campaing
1942Jun05 IJN prolonged FS Operation
1942Jun-- US decided Manhattan Project
1942Jul06 IJN engineer corps landed on Guadalcanal
1942Jul11 IJN stopped FS Operation
1942Jul22 A Ayato-maru 9,788t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1942Jul29 B Koutoku-maru 6,701t sank of air raid off Buna New Guinea
1942Jul31 USS Essex was launched
1942Jul-- IJN ordered Mitsubishi a trial of A7M1
1942Jul-- Ozawa of IJNHQ doubted leak of IJN cipher
1942Aug01 Aircarft carrier Unryu was laid down
1942Aug05 IJN built an airstrip on Guadalcanal
1942Aug07 US Marines landed on Guadalcanal
1942Aug11 The Kanto army showed a trial film of bio weapon in Harbin Secret Military Agency
1942Aug17 US Marines destroyed guards of Makin, the Marines landed from USS Argonaut and Nautilus (SS-168)
1942Aug20 USS Long Island catapulted F4F which landed on Guadalcanal
1942Aug-- Indian people revolted UK
1942Sep07 USN organized VMF-124 of F4U
1942Sep22 FDR inspected B-17 production line at Seattle
1942Sep25 USN tested take off and landing characteristics of F4U-1 on Sangamon(CVE-26)
1942Sep-- I-122 refueld seaplanes for a week at Indispensable Reefs
1942Sep-- A B-29 made first flight for an hour and half
1942Sep-- US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt' wartime tour
1942Oct03 1st flight of F6F-3
1942Oct12 Russian submarine L16 was sunk by I-25 off Oregon State 600nm
1942Oct16 Ҵ and ʴ sank near Guadalcanal
1942Oct21 A Choukou-maru 6,783t sank of torpedo off New Guinea
1942Oct-- IJN adopted J2M2 with Ha-32-23
1942Oct-- US and UK declared abolition of extraterritoriality in China
1942Oct-- Marine reconnaissance squadron VMD-254 (PB4Y-1) was sent to Espiritu Santo
1942Nov02 A Yasukawa-maru 6,783t sank of air raid off Buna New Guinea
1942Nov14 6 Japanese merchant ships sank near Guadalcanal
1942Nov15 , , sank near Guadalcanal
1942Nov-- US controlled the sky over Gudalcanal
1942Dec23 24 Zeros advanced to Munda of New Georgia
1942Dec24 B Koua-maru 623t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1942Dec24 B Ume-maru 415t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1942Dec26 5 Zeros enforced Munda
1942Dec27 3 remained Zeros retreated Munda
1942Dec-- IJA adopted Ki-44-II with Ha-34-11
1942Dec31 USS Essex, CV-9 was commissioned
1942Dec-- US submarines were equipped with surface SJ radar
1942----- NCR began to make US Bombe for USN
1942----- UK and US asked how Japanese government treat their POWs
1942----- Russia made 25,400 aircraft yearly
1942----- Fighter La-5 of Russia was operational
1942----- UK tested Mk3 ASV radar
1942----- A director of JRC was arrested because of buying Ni from black market
1943Jan08 A Myoukou-maru sank 4,103t of air raid off Lae New Guinea
1943Jan17 Iraq declared war on Japan
1943Jan26 A Buyou-maru 5,466t sank of torpedo off New Guinea
1943Jan-- IJA began rsearch study of nuke
1943Jan-- USN established photo-reconnaissance squadron VD-1 (PB4Y-1P)
1943Jan-- Marine photo-reconnaissance VMD-154 saw action with PB4Y-1
1943Jan-- USN cracked cipher of Japanese merchant ship communication signal code
1943Feb12 VMF-124 advanced to Guadalcanal with 12 F4U-1
1943Feb14 B Hitachi-maru sank 6,540t sank off New Guinea
1943Feb-- USN established photo-reconnaissance squadron VD-3 (PB4Y-1P)
1943Mar02 A Kyokusei-maru 5,493t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Mar03 IJA 51st Division was lost under the sea in Operation 81
1943Mar03 A Aiyou-maru 2,746t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Mar03 A Kenbu-maru 953t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Mar03 A Jinai-maru 3,793t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Mar03 A Taimei-maru 2,883t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Mar03 A Ouigawa-maru 6,494t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Mar06 A Kiriha-maru 3,057t sank of torpedo off New Guinea
1943Mar14 A Momoyama-maru 5,217t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Mar15 A Momoha-maru 3,103t sank of torpedo off New Guinea
1943Mar30 A Kurohime-maru 4,697t sank of torpedo off New Guinea
1943Mar-- A trial of Ki-84 completed
1943Apr01 Central Reserve Bank of China was to recover military notes of Japan
1943Apr14 GF sent #131755 telegram by cipher Ha-1 random table #3
1943Apr15 USN Intelligence assigned GF #131755 telegram as Ultra #88
1943Apr15 VMF-121 transferred F4F to F4U
1943Apr15 CIU of USN decrpted a secret telegram encrpted by IJN D cipher in a day
1943Apr15 USS Yorktown, CV-10 was commssioned
1943Apr18 GF commander Yamamoto was killed by Operation Dillinger
1943Apr18 B Hishun-maru 6,380t sank of torpedo off New Guinea
1943Apr27 Kamakura-maru sanke with 2,176 men
1943May13 A Japanese official executed a representive of ICRC in Borneo
1943May19 VMF-112 and VMF-221 transferred F4F to F4U
1943May30 IJA troops of Attu Island died all
1943May-- BRUSA Comint Agreement
1943Jun16 VMF-122 transferred F4F to F4U
1943Jun24 Mikado inspected battleship Musashi
1943Jun19 VMF-214 transferred F4F to F4U
1943Jun-- Government decided to strength air power at most
1943Jul02 VMF-123 transferred F4F to F4U
1943Jul11 Norway declared war on Japan
1943Jul29 Withdraw of 5,200 troops off Kiska
1943Jul-- Japan began on 2nd wartime standard ship
1943Jul-- Prime Minister Tojo inspected installations of Palembang in Sumatra
1943Jul-- USN ordered to deactivate the Mark VI magnetic influence exploder and use only its contact pistol
1943Aug13 Kurosima spoke suicide attack operation
1943Aug14 An F4U arrived at Munda, New Georgia Island
1943Aug16 USS Intrepid, CV-11 was commssioned
1943Aug-- USN established photo-reconnaissance squadron VD-4 (PB4Y-1P)
1943Aug-- IJN ordered not to develop A7M1
1943Aug-- RN launched 7 escort aircraft carriers in a month at peak
1943Sep02 A Hankou-maru 4,112t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Sep02 A Nagato-maru 5,900t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Sep05 A Tenkai-maru 3,203t sank of torpedo off New Guinea
1943Sep25 Unryu was launched
1943Sep27 A Kiri-maru 324t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Sep27 A Sakihana-maru 197t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Sep27 A Shinyu-maru 529t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Sep27 A Fuji-mnaru 273t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Sep-- Itoh estimated defense force to prevent merchant ships loss
1943Sep-- VF-12, VB-12, VT-12, VF-38 and VF-40 moved to Guadalcanal
1943Oct17 E14Y1 of I-36 flew on a reconnaissance mission at Pearl Harbor
1943Oct20 A Ngaragawa-maru 990t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Oct27 A Daisei-maru 2,998t sank of air raid off Wewak New Guinea
1943Oct21 Ordered male students sang 'Umiyukaba' in the Jungu Park of Tokyo in rainning
1943Oct25 Nabeshima was appointed Chief of Naval Munitions Bureau
1943Oct-- VF-38 moved to New Georgia Island
1943Oct-- Stalin told Haru in Moscow, Russia will war against Japan
1943Nov01 US landed Torokia of Bougainville
1943Nov01 Abolished Commerce and Industry Ministry
1943Nov01 Tojo was appointed War munitions Minister
1943Nov06 Ro-105 rescued a Japanese air crew near Bougainville in Solomons
1943Nov08 16-44N116-22E TL Kyokuei Maru was sunk by USS Bluejack
1943Nov11 24 F4U and 12 F6F of TF intercepted 33 Zeros, 20 carrier bombers, 14 torpedo bombers and 4 Judies off Bougainville
1943Nov17 IJN I-176 only sank USS Corvina
1943Nov21 A Shinwa-maru 3,328t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Nov22 A #21 Ryouyu-maru 389t sank of torpedo off New Guinea
1943Nov22 Cairo Meeting
1943Nov25 TL type Toa Maru was sunk by torpedo
1943Nov29 USS Hornet, CV-12 was commissioned
1943Dec01 US, UK and Chinese Cairo Declaration was broadcast through radio
1943Dec01 #16 Ryouyu-maru 323t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1943Dec04 Bolivia declared war on Japan
1943Dec04 Martime Escort HQ found USN adopted wolfpack tactics
1943Dec10 17 F4Us of VMF-216 arrived at Torokina of Bougainville
1943Dec-- ATC transported 12,500t from Assam to Kunming by airlift
1943----- Oak Ridge National Laboratory was built to produce uranium and plutonium
1943----- US built merchant ships at peak
1943----- Allied nations war criminal committiee
1943----- USS Long Island trained carrier aviators at San Diego
1943----- A U-boat came to guide welding
1943----- Goverment banned selling Jazz records
1943----- IJN ordered a trial of relayed circuit device for decrption of enemy cipher
1943----- IJA officer Kamaga organized a project to analyse encryption
1943----- IJN developed 12.7mm aircraft gun Type 3
1943----- NEC began to make type 3 sonar
1943----- Restored 55% of oil refinery and 80% of oil product at Palembang
1944Jan02 TL type Isshin Maru was sunk by torpedo
1944Jan06 Mikado spoke cease fire to Kido
1944Jan12 Japan lost 33 merchant ships (142,285GT) in the South China Sea
1944Jan14 IJN oiler Kenyo-maru and Nippon-maru were sunk
1944Jan17 The last win of air combat over Rabaul
1944Jan18 IJN oiler Touei-maru was sunk
1944Jan24 24 F4U-1A of VMF-311 arrived at Tarawa ferried carrier CVE-68
1944Jan24 B Heiwa-maru 312t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1944Jan27 Liberia declared war on Japan
1944Jan30 A Tokihime-maru 741t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1944Jan-- Marine photo-reconnaissance VMD-354 saw action with PB4Y-1
1944Jan-- The average flight hour of the aviators decreased 500 hours
1944Jan-- Tojo moved Tanaka Sinichi from IJA ministry to Philippines
1944Feb02 US TF defensed completely by AA guns only from IJN air bombarding
1944Feb02 US landed Kwajalein Atoll
1944Feb02 A PB4Y-1 of VMD-254 did a photo-reconnaissance mission from Mono Island to Truk
1944Feb04 A US big aircraft appeared over Truk Atoll
1944Feb08 Rima-maru sank with 2,765 men
1944Feb17 B Katsuki-maru 544t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1944Feb17 USN raided Truk Islands and sank almost merchant ships in the harbor
1944Feb17 Truk 2TL Fujisan Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1944Feb18 B Sane-maru 5,461t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1944Feb20 The 3rd Tonanmaru sank at Truk
1944Feb21 Shimada was appointed Chief Naval General Staff
1944Feb23 Mainichi Newspaper claimed more naval aircraft than bamboo pikes
1944Feb23 TL type Nanpo Maru was sunk by torpedo
1944Feb23 IJN lost 123 aircraft by USN aircraft in Tinian and Saipan
1944Feb24 Indian POWs and Indonesian labors were lost in Tango Maru and Ryusei Maru
1944Feb29 Sakito-maru sank with 2,200 ment
1944Feb-- VMF-224 moved to Ruotto
1944Feb-- Colossus Mark1 worked 1,500 vacumn tubes
1944Feb-- Isooctane 100b/day manufaturing plant completed at IJA Iwakuni Oil Refinery
1944Feb-- Tojo was appointed Chief of IJAHQ
1944Mar04 TL type Ominesan Maru was sunk by torpedo
1944Mar07 IJN aircraft carrier Taiho was comissioned
1944Mar08 8 F4U-1A of VMF-111 bombed a flak position on Mile
1944Mar10 A Yashima-maru 2,655t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1944Mar19 A Daiei-maru 3,238t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1944Mar19 A Yakumo-maru 3,198t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1944Mar25 IJN Mine School was renamed Anti Sub School
1944Mar29 IJN oiler Touhou-maru was sunk.
1944Mar30 USN raided Palau and sank 21 merchant ships. IJN lost 140 aircraft.
1944Mar30 TL type Amatsu Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1944Mar30 IJA lost 130 aircraft in Hollandia by USAAF raid
1944Mar-- Japan launched a concrete oil tanker
1944Mar-- B-29 production of 100/month
1944Mar-- US built fuel tanks in Kwajalein Atoll
1944Mar-- Most of composite squadrons(VC) of USN transferred F4F-4 to FM-2
1944Mar-- F-7A Liberators of 5th AF were deployed to New Guinea
1944Mar-- VB-116 (PB4Y-1) began ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) missions
1944Apr08 IJA requested wireless radios for IJA fighters to defend Tokyo
1944Apr12 A Narita-maru 1,915t sank of torpedo off New Guinea
1944Apr13 IJA vice general Nakano arrived at Tachloban Airfield
1944Apr16 IJN ordered a trial of MXY7
1944Apr17 IJA actioned Operation Ichi-Go walked a long way
1944Apr21 US deployed a warning radar on the Hedo Cape of Okinawa
1944Apr23 US deployed a warning radar on Iejima of Okinawa
1944Apr26 1st Yoshida-maru sank with 2,649 men
1944Apr-- F4U-1D passed a landing test on USS Gambier Bay(CVE-73)
1944May06 Nisshinmaru sank
1944May16 IJN carrier strike groups steamed out of Honshu Seikai to Tawi-tawi because oil was in short supply
1944May19 A Shou-maru 475t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1944May19 A Ougi-maru 200t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1944May27 US Army landed on Biak Island
1944May-- 1st and 2nd Koku Sentai from Honshu anchored in Tawi-Tawi
1944May-- Failed to block China aid route via Burma by Indian & Chinese army
1944May-- Russia deployed La-7 with Ash-82FN
1944Jun03 Okada, Yonai and Suetsugu met at Fujiyama's home
1944Jun10 US submarine sank I-122 in the Japan Sea
1944Jun15 US Army landed on Saipan
1944Jun16 Okada recommended Shimada to resign IJN Minister
1944Jun20 B TL Seiyo Maru 10,536t sank of air raid at 1535N13030E
1944Jun26 A Hokushin-maru 468t sank of air raid off New Guinea
1944Jun29 IJA 44th & 45th Brigade were lost under the sea in Convoy Kata-412
1944Jun29 Toyama-maru sank with 3,695 men
1944Jun30 Nikkin-maru sank with 3,219 men
1944Jun-- USN launched 6 escort aircraft carriers in a month at peak
1944Jun-- Bretton Woods Agreements among 44 allied nations
1944Jul08 IJN Minister Shimada suggested to Mikado surfaced and submerged suicide attacks
1944Jul10 IJN planned a proposal for suicide attack
1944Jul17 Nomura was appointed Navy Minister
1944Jul18 Imperial General Headquaters approved of defeat in Saipan
1944Jul18 Oka was appointed IJN deputy minister
1944Jul19 Yomiuri Newspaper published Ohnishi's opinion of airborne suicide attack
1944Jul21 Shimada showed surface and submerged suicide attacks to Toyoda
1944Jul22 Ogata Taketora of Asahi Newspaper inaugurated a minister of information
1944Jul22 Tojo resigned Prime Minister
1944Jul22 Yonai was appointed Navy Minister
1944Jul30 6-03N119-54E IJN oiler Kokuyou-maru was sunk by USS Bonefish
1944Jul31 19-00N122-55E 2TL Koei Maru was sunk by torpedo
1944Jul-- US 5-Inch HVAR was oerational
1944Jul-- USN established photo-reconnaissance squadron VD-5 (PB4Y-1P)
1944Jul-- B-29 production of 4/day
1944Aug02 Oikawa was appointed Chief of Naval General Staff
1944Aug02 Troops in Tinian were destroyed
1944Aug04 USS Swany(CVE-29) ferried F4U on Guam
1944Aug05 IJNGS held a meeting to operate Ouka, a special weapon
1944Aug05 Inoue was appointed IJN deputy minister
1944Aug06 Unryu was commissioned
1944Aug10 Suzuki was inaugurated Grand Chamberlain
1944Aug12 Pipeline to France was laid over the 130 km through the English Channel to Cherbourg
1944Aug19 IJA 26th Division was lost under the sea in convoy Hi-71
1944Aug22 TL type Hakkuwo Maru No.2 was sunk by torpedo
1944Aug23 Ministry of Education executed school boys and girls to labor for military use
1944Aug30 IJN personnel and education section decided how to select suicide crews
1944Aug-- Sugiyama moved Tominaga Kyoji for IJA ministry to Philippines
1944Aug-- FM-2 of VC-84 actioned
1944Aug-- IJN Deputy Minister Inoue ordered Takagi secret cease fire project
1944Sep04 Allied armies liberated Antwerp
1944Sep11 USN aircraft destroyed 100 Zeros in Cebu Island
1944Sep13 IJN Minister Yonai approved personel section for suicide attack
1944Sep15 US Army were supported by 6 CVEs and landed on Morotai Island
1944Sep17 19-18N116-26E TL type Azusa Maru sunk by USS Barb
1944Sep18 Junyo-maru sank with 5,689 men
1944Sep21 TL type Niyo Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1944Sep22 US Army landed on the Ulithi Atoll
1944Sep22 Finland declared war on Japan
1944Sep23 IJN aircraft decreased one fourth from 250, IJA lost almost 200 aircraft in Philippines
1944Sep23 USN occupied Ulithi Atoll
1944Sep24 Coron Bay TL Okikawa Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1944Sep24 Coron Bay 2TL Taiei Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1944Sep26 VMF-114 arrived at Peleliu
1944Sep-- IJA Mancuria Oil Refinery Plant succeeded in production of 92.6 gasoline
1944Sep-- Zero was equipped with armor plate behind pilot
1944Sep-- Aircraft carrier Unryu and Amagi were commissioned
1944Sep-- FDR and Churchill agreed with usage of nuke against Japan
1944Oct01 TL type Kyokuho Maru sank
1944Oct01 IJN established 721st kokutai at Hyakuri-ga-hara
1944Oct03 the Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered Nimitz to occupy an island in Ryukyu Islands
1944Oct05 IJN Minister Oikawa approved suicide attacks
1944Oct05 Aircraft carrier Shinano was launched at Yokosuka Arsenal
1944Oct05 Nimitz informed cancel of Taiwan invasion
1944Oct06 19-48N118-22E 2TL Akane Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1944Oct10 USN aircraft raided Okinawa
1944Oct11 USN aircraft raided Luzon
1944Oct12 USN aircraft raided Taiwan and did 2,700 sorties, IJN lost 312 aircraft
1944Oct13 974 USN aircraft sorties and 100 B-29s over Taiwan
1944Oct13 470 US transports left Hollandia for Leyte
1944Oct15 Aircraft carrier Katsuragi was completed
1944Oct15 80 USN aircraft raided Manila
1944Oct16 At 1500, IGHQ Navy announced to sink 11 carriers and lost 312 IJN aircraft
1944Oct17 At 0700 GF knew enemy convoy coming, found 4 USN air task groups
1944Oct17 By 1230, USA 21st Infantry Regiment were on Suluan and Dinagat
1944Oct17 GF examined Tanaka of T troops at Hiyosidai
1944Oct18 Oikawa and Umezu reported Mikado to action Sho-1
1944Oct20 At 0813, GF informed Yohryou of battle
1944Oct21 At 1020, GF informed enemy intention
1944Oct20 USA 1st Cavalry Division held Tacloban airfield of Lyte
1944Oct24 Fifty American land-based aircraft rose to intercept from Leyte
1944Oct24 Staff of GF held a long meeting whether GF would stop charging Leyte
1944Oct25 30-15N129-45E 2TL Jinei Maru refueld Ozawa fleet, which was sunk by USS Sterlet (SS-392)
1944Oct27 7-09N116-40E TL type Nippo Maru of Iino-kaiun was sunk by USS Becuna
1944Oct27 AAF 49th FG 9th FS (P-38) arrived at Tacloban airfield
1944Oct27 AAF took air control over Leyte from USN
1944Oct30 C TL Takane Maru sank of torpedo at 3113N13249E near Amami
1944Oct31 Romania declared war on Japan
1944Oct-- IJN microwave radar type22 kai2 was practical
1944Oct-- 10 trials of IJA guided flying bomb were made
1944Nov01 the 10th Air Wing of IJN had 5 sentai and 1 SQ
1944Nov01 A F-13 flew over Tokyo first time from Saipan
1944No02 35th Commander Suzuki advanced on Leyte
1944Nov07 Bulgaria declared war on Japan
1944Nov07 721st Kokutai moved to Kami-no-ike
1944Nov08 IJN stopped construction of aircraft carrier Aso (60%)
1944Nov09 IJN stopped construction of aircraft carrier Ikoma (60%)
1944Nov13 IJA moved 9th Division to Taiwan from Okinawa
1944Nov18 IJA 23rd Division was lost under the sea in Convoy Hi-81
1944Nov21 Battle cruiser Kongo sank by a submarine
1944Nov24 B-29s tried bombardment at Nakajima Aircraft Co.
1944Nov28 USS Archerfish patrolled and waited for rescuing B-29 crews near Mikura Island
1944Nov29 Aircraft carrier Shinano was tracked by US submarine radar SJ-2
1944Nov29 A B-29 bombarded Tokyo at night
1944Nov-- IJA researched worst option secretly in the end of the War
1944Nov-- IJA began tests of releasing a guided flying bomb
1944Nov-- FM-2 of VC-85 and VC-95 actioned
1944Dec03 Minister of Navy, Yonai inspected 721st Koukutai at the Kami-no-ike Base
1944Dec03 MAG-12 landed on Leyte
1944Dec04 TL type Hakkuwo Maru of Nihon-yusousen was sunk by torpedo
1944Dec07 Production of main aircraft parts decreased half in Nagoya because of an earthquake
1944Dec15 US Army landed on Mindoro Island
1944Dec18 3 US destroyers were sunk by a storm off the west of Philippines
1944Dec19 Aircraft carrier Unryu was sunk by USS Redfish
1944Dec22 15-07N109-05E 2TL Arita Maru was sunk by torpedo
1944Dec23 Asahi Newspaper said 'Warn bombs of broadcasting'
1944Dec25 VOA began broadcasting in Saipan
1944Dec28 USS Essex(CV-9) was equipped with 18 F4U-1D
1944Dec-- FM-2 of VC-90 actioned
1944----- IJN expended 30% expenditure in China
1944----- Japan built merchant ships at peak
1944----- IJA developed 20mm aircraft gun Ho-5
1944----- IJA developed 30mm aircraft gun Ho-155
1944----- IMF was created
1945Jan08 Surgents of 721st Kokutai were violent against officers
1945Jan09 Hisakata-maru sank with 3,353 men
1945Jan09 West Philippines, 2TL Kaiho Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1945Jan12 14-15N109-10E 2TL Kyokuun Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1945Jan12 10-20N107-50E 2TL Akashi Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1945Jan12 Sanruisumaru, 63rd bansyumaru and Yujyoumaru sank
1945Jan15 Koiso Cabinet planned oil transportaion of 83,000kL per month
1945Jan15 TL type Mili Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1945Jan16 USN carrier aircraft burned 13 Betty of 721st Koukutai on the ground at Kami-no-ike
1945Jan16 HongKong 2TL Tenei Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1945Jan16 HongKong 2TL Matsushima Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1945Jan17 Mikado sent an aide-de-camp to 721st Kokutai at Kami-no-ike
1945Jan21 25-08N121-44E 2TL Munakata Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1945Jan25 Ministers of Japan decided the final war policy
1945Jan-- IJA adopted Ki-100 with Ha-33-62
1945Jan-- IJA ordered Nakajima a trial of Ki-117
1945Jan-- Nimitz lived in Guam
1945Feb-- IJN stopped warships spending much oil
1945Feb07 Seriyamaru transported aviation gasoline of 17,000kL
1945Feb09 Ecuador declared war on Japan
1945Feb10 Battleship Hyuga and Ise departed from Singapore to ferry tungsten and gasoline to Japan
1945Feb12 Peru declared war on Japan
1945Feb13 Paraguay declared war on Japan
1945Feb13 Konoe met Yoshida at Yoshida's home of Hiraga-cho
1945Feb14 Konoe met Mikado and expressed his pinion
1945Feb14 Venezuela declared war on Japan
1945Feb15 Battleship Hyuga and Ise stayed at Island overnight
1945Feb16 IJA lost 37 aircraft over Tokyo against USN carriers aircraft
1945Feb16 Battleship Hyuga and Ise stayed at Island overnight
1945Feb17 Carriers aircraft of US burned Nakajima Musashino engine assembly
1945Feb17 Off Yokohama, 2TL Yamashio Maru 10,605t was sunk by air bombardment
1945Feb18 Battleship Hyuga and Ise stayed at Island overnight
1945Feb19 Battleship Hyuga and Ise arrived at Muture Island near Kanmon Strait
1945Feb22 11-08N108-44E 2TL Tatekawa Maru #2 10,045t was sunk by torpedo
1945Feb22 Uruguay declared war on Japan
1945Feb23 Turkey declared war on Japan
1945Feb25 Ohta Workshop of Nakajima Aircraft was destroyed by USN aircraft
1945Feb26 Egypt and Syria declared war on Japan
1945Feb27 Lebanon declared war on Japan
1945Feb27 2TL Amato Maru was sunk by USS Blenny at 11-56N109-18E
1945Feb28 Iran declared war on Japan
1945Mar01 Saudi Arabia declared war on Japan
1945Mar05 TL type Ryoei Maru 10,017t was sunk by torpedo at 16-47N108-41E
1945Mar07 P-51 began to arrive at Iwojima
1945Mar08 Air commander Yoshida of Tokyo was to move Manchuria
1945Mar10 279 B-29s raided Tokyo, 14 B-29s were lost
1945Mar14 Tanker Toamaru ferried the last 7,000t aviation gasoline from Singapore
1945May15 Tada was appointed Navy Deputy Minister
1945Mar17 A Betty detected TF by a radar, but a 6F6-N trailed it over Kasa-no-hara
1945Mar17 IJA and IJN flew 6 sorties, lost a aircraft
1945Mar18 TF58 raided airfields in Kyushu off 150km the east from the south end of Kyushu
1945Mar18 IJN aircarft hit a bomb on a USN carrier, her radar was unavailable
1945Mar18 25 of 203rd Kokutai fought over Kagoshima, 3 of which were shot and 11 were lost
1945Mar18 IJA and IJN flew 441 sorties, lost 79 aircraft
1945Mar18 Government decided to stop education for students for a year and had them labor except for elementary schools
1945Mar19 TF58 raided Kure and lost 18 aircraft, intercepted enemies off 130km
1945Mar19 IJN aircraft hit a bomb on USN Franklin and Wasp
1945Mar19 IJA and IJN flew 119 sorties, lost 25 aircraft
1945Mar19 Hazusaki maru 10,413t was sunk by torpedo at 32-10N122-10E
1945Mar20 A kamikaze broke USS Hancock
1945Mar20 IJA and IJN flew 45 sorties, lost 29 aircraft
1945Mar20 21st Nansinmaru(835t) sank
1945Mar21 2nd Fushimimaru(779t) and workship Tateishi sank
1945Mar21 160 crews of 721st IJN kokutai equipped with Baka were lost
1945Mar21 IJA and IJN flew 90 sorties, lost 45 aircraft
1945Mar23 IJA and IJN flew 8 sorties, lost 1 aircraft
1945Mar23 35th Commander Suzuki escaped from Leyte 1945Mar25 IJA and IJN flew 24 sorties, lost 9 aircraft
1945Mar26 IJA and IJN flew 60 sorties, lost 15 aircraft
1945Mar26 Nimitz declared US occupation under latitude of 30 degree
1945Mar27 IJA and IJN flew 71 sorties, lost 21 aircraft
1945Mar27 Argentina declared war on Japan
1945Mar28 IJA and IJN flew 73 sorties, lost 13 aircraft
1945Mar28 Asogawamaru(5,542t) sank
1945Mar29 IJA and IJN flew 190 sorties, lost 17 aircraft
1945Mar29 18th, 130th, 84th, 134th escort destroyers and 292nd marine chaser sank
1945Mar30 IJA and IJN flew 53 sorties, lost 16 aircraft
1945Mar31 IJA and IJN flew 102 sorties, lost 21 aircraft
1945Apr01 Okinawa battle on ground
1945Apr01 IJA and IJN flew 139 sorties, lost 49 aircraft
1945Apr01 IJN stopped construction of Aircraft carrier Kasagi (84%)
1945Apr02 IJA and IJN flew 207 sorties, lost 31 aircraft
1945Apr02 USN aircraft of carriers sprayed DDT over Okinawa
1945Apr03 Toyoda of GF ordered 5th Koku fleet Kikusui Operation
1945Apr03 IJA and IJN flew 217 sorties, lost 64 aircraft
1945Apr03 Press workshop of Ohta of Nakajima Aircraft was destroyed by bombardment
1945Apr04 IJA and IJN flew 40 sorties, lost 3 aircraft
1945Apr05 Kikusui Operation actioned
1945Apr05 IJA and IJN flew 67 sorties, lost 5 aircraft
1945Apr05 IJN submarine I-58 was supreesed by airborne radars of ASW
1945Apr05 Prime Minister Koiso resigned
1945Apr06 Toyoda flew to Kanoya Base
1945Apr06 IJA and IJN flew 514 sorties in Kyushu, lost 354 aircraft
1945Apr07 153 B-29s with P-51 bombed and destroyed 60 % of Mitsubishi Aircraft Engine Factory, 2 of 108 P-51 were lost.
1945Apr07 IJN and IJA lost 9 and 11 aircraft including 5 night fighters over Musashino and Nagoya
1945Apr07 IJA and IJN flew 211 sorties in Kyushu, lost 63 aircraft
1945Apr07 A Bakusen of 721st Kokutai hit USS Hancock(CV-19)
1945Apr07 F4U-1D of MAG-31 landed on Yomitan Airfield of Okinawa from a CVE
1945Apr07 P-51 flew over Japan main land with B-29
1945Apr07 Suzuki resigned Presidents of the Privy Council, and was appointed Prime Minister
1945Apr07 Shimomura Osamu of Asahi Newspaper inaugurated a minister of information
1945Apr08 IJA and IJN flew 104 sorties, lost 14 aircraft
1945Apr09 IJA and IJN flew 15 sorties, lost 7 aircraft
1945Apr09 IJA showed commanders to prepare a battle in Japan main land
1945Apr09 Toyoda ordered 2nd Kikusui Operation
1945Apr09 MAG-33 arrived at Kadena Airfield
1945Apr09 USS Sangamon, CVE-26 moved to Sakishma Islands to attend air raids of Miyako Island
1945Apr10 IJA and IJN flew 3 sorties, lost 1 aircraft
1945Apr11 IJA and IJN flew 227 sorties, lost 131 aircraft
1945Apr11 2 Bakusen of 721st Kokutai hit USS Kidd(DD-661) and a Bakusen hit USS Missouri(BB-63)
1945Apr11 Awa maru 11,249t was sunk by torpedo at 24-41N119-29E
1945Apr12 2nd Kikusui Operation actioned
1945Apr12 IJA and IJN flew 468 sorties, lost 289 aircraft
1945Apr12 Spain and Chile declared war on Japan
1945Apr12 20 Japanese fighters were lost over Okinawa
1945Apr12 FDR died
1945Apr13 IJA and IJN flew 144 sorties, lost 27 aircraft
1945Apr14 IJA and IJN flew 284 sorties, lost 63 aircraft
1945Apr14 The first snorkel equipped I-373 which was launched
1945Apr15 IJA and IJN flew 119 sorties, lost 14 aircraft
1945Apr15 Yoshida was arrasted because Konoe's address to Mikado for peace
1945Apr16 3rd Kikusui Operation actioned
1945Apr16 IJA and IJN flew 520 sorties, lost 190 aircraft
1945Apr17 IJA and IJN flew 200 sorties, lost 35 aircraft
1945Apr17 Toyoda decreased forces of 5th Koku fleet
1945Apr18 IJA and IJN flew 39 sorties, lost 5 aircraft
1945Apr18 USS Sangamon, CVE-26 moved to Sakishma Islands to attend air raids of Miyako Island
1945Apr19 IJA and IJN flew 13 sorties, lost 3 aircraft
1945Apr19 Only P-51 invaded Japan main land
1945Apr20 IJA and IJN flew 57 sorties, lost 6 aircraft
1945Apr21 IJA and IJN flew 119 sorties, lost 5 aircraft
1945Apr21 US deployed a radar at Hedo Cape of Okinawa
1945Apr22 IJA and IJN flew 220 sorties, lost 61 aircraft
1945Apr23 IJA and IJN flew 32 sorties, lost 1 aircraft
1945Apr23 US deployed a radar on Iejima of Okinawa
1945Apr23 OSS began to broadcast from Saipan
1945Apr24 IJA and IJN flew 7 sorties
1945Apr25 IJA and IJN flew 29 sorties, lost 2 aircraft
1945Apr26 IJA and IJN flew 48 sorties, lost 14 aircraft
1945Apr27 IJA and IJN flew 133 sorties, lost 1 aircraft
1945Apr28 IJA and IJN flew 373 sorties, lost 100 aircraft
1945Apr29 IJA and IJN flew 192 sorties, lost 41 aircraft
1945Apr29 A Bakusen of 721st Kokutai hit USS Hazelwood(DD-531)
1945Apr30 IJA and IJN flew 26 sorties, lost 2 aircraft
1945Apr30 Production of Musashino Workshop of Nakajima Aircraft stopped
1945Apr30 P-47(19th, 73rd, and 333rd FS) of 318th FG deployed at Iejima
1945Apr-- Ammo shortage of IJA in Japan was serious
1945Apr-- USN began to train Russian Navy for invading Japan in Alaska
1945May01 Morita was appointed Chief of Naval Munitions Bureau
1945May01 IJA and IJN flew 2 sorties, lost 2 aircraft
1945May02 IJA and IJN flew 25 sorties, lost 2 aircraft
1945May03 IJA and IJN flew 156 sorties, lost 32 aircraft
1945May04 5th Kikusui Operation actioned
1945May04 IJA and IJN flew 494 sorties, lost 127 aircraft
1945May05 IJA and IJN flew 80 sorties, lost 2 aircraft
1945May06 IJA and IJN flew 48 sorties, lost 11 aircraft
1945May06 93 fighters(VMF-113 -314 -422 of F4U and VMF(N)-533 of F6F-5N) flew 4,020km to Iejima
1945May07 IJA and IJN flew 37 sorties
1945May07 Germany surrendered
1945May07 Germany surrendered
1945May08 IJA and IJN flew 28 sorties
1945May08 Toyoda came to Kanoya
1945May08 4 groups of TF38 were deployed in the west of Okinawa
1945May09 IJA and IJN flew 90 sorties, lost 27 aircraft
1945May10 IJA and IJN flew 85 sorties, lost 3 aircraft
1945May10 USAAF fighters activated on Iejima of Okinawa
1945May11 Kikusui Operation 6th actioned
1945May11 IJA and IJN flew 251 sorties, lost 97 aircraft
1945May11 2 Bakusen of 721st Kokutai hit Bunker Hill(CV-17) and a Bakusen hit USS Enterprise(CV-6)
1945May12 IJA and IJN flew 54 sorties, lost 5 aircraft
1945May13 IJA and IJN flew 104 sorties, lost 19 aircraft
1945May14 IJA and IJN flew 114 sorties, lost 28 aircraft
1945May15 IJA and IJN flew 39 sorties, lost 12 aircraft
1945May15 Tada was appointed IJN deputy minister
1945May16 IJA and IJN flew 48 sorties, lost 5 aircraft
1945May17 IJA and IJN flew 56 sorties, lost 20 aircraft
1945May18 IJA and IJN flew 39 sorties, lost 14 aircraft
1945May19 IJA and IJN flew 5 sorties, lost 1 aircraft
1945May20 IJA and IJN flew 47 sorties, lost 15 aircraft
1945May21 IJA and IJN flew 13 sorties, lost 3 aircraft
1945May22 IJA and IJN flew 10 sorties
1945May23 IJA and IJN flew 16 sorties
1945May23 Denmark declared war on Japan
1945May24 7th Kikusui Operation actioned
1945May24 IJA and IJN flew 161 sorties, lost 51 aircraft
1945May25 IJA and IJN flew 355 sorties, lost 93 aircraft
1945May25 8th Kikusui Operation actioned
1945May26 IJA and IJN flew 17 sorties, lost 9 aircraft
1945May27 IJA and IJN flew 115 sorties, lost 37 aircraft
1945May28 IJA and IJN flew 186 sorties, lost 83 aircraft
1945May29 IJA and IJN flew 26 sorties, lost 9 aircraft
1945May29 Toyoda was appointed Chief of the Naval General Staff
1945May29 Ozawa was in GF Commander's post
1945May30 IJA and IJN flew 5 sorties
1945May31 IJA and IJN flew 17 sorties, lost 2 aircraft
1945May-- Military police arrested Yoshida Shigeru
1945May-- IJN studied how Japan ceased the Pacific War
1945Jun01 IJA and IJN flew 18 sorties, lost 3 aircraft
1945Jun01 12 P-47 raided by rockets Kikai-ga-sima, Toku-no-sima and Amami Islands
1945Jun02 A US flying boat landed on the Kagosima Bay escorted by fighters
1945Jun02 IJA and IJN flew 50 sorties, lost 1 aircraft
1945Jun02 P-47 gunfired in Kyushu
1945Jun03 IJA and IJN flew 191 sorties, lost 40 aircraft
1945Jun03 P-47 patrolled Amami and gunfired
1945Jun04 IJA and IJN flew 24 sorties
1945Jun04 8 P-51 released bombs on a wireless station of Chichijima and gunfired Okimura
1945Jun05 IJA and IJN flew 25 sorties, lost 9 aircraft
1945Jun05 P-47 patrolled Amami Islands and gunfired a lighthouse
1945Jun06 IJA and IJN flew 108 sorties, lost 37 aircraft
1945Jun06 36 P-47 swept Kyushu and other P-47 patrolled Amami Island
1945Jun06 Brazil declared war on Japan
1945Jun07 IJA and IJN flew 55 sorties, lost 9 aircraft
1945Jun07 20 P-47 raided 20 targets of depos, freighters, and barges in Kyushu
1945Jun08 IJA and IJN flew 106 sorties, lost 16 aircraft
1945Jun08 F4U-4 of MAG-14 deployed at Iejima
1945Jun09 IJA and IJN flew 65 sorties, lost 2 aircraft
1945Jun09 20 P-47 raided targets in Kyushu
1945Jun09 57 fighters of Iwojima raided Kagamihara Airfield
1945Jun10 IJA and IJN flew 20 sorties, lost 4 aircraft
1945Jun10 24 F4U raided Kyushu from Iejima and one of them was lost
1945Jun10 MacArthur entered Burnei on USS Boise 1945Jun10 39 P-47 swept Kyushu
1945Jun11 IJA and IJN flew 63 sorties, lost 13 aircraft
1945Jun11 Fighters of Iwojima raided Tokorozawa Airfield
1945Jun12 B-25 gunfired and damaged 4 freighters and 2 barges, a B-25 was shot
1945Jun13 40 P-47 raided by rockets Toku-no-sima, Amami-sima and Amami Islands
1945Jun14 IJA and IJN flew 5 sorties
1945Jun15 IJA and IJN flew 2 sorties
1945Jun15 Shin-touhou maru 10,238 was sunk by air bombardment in Thailand Bay
1945Jun16 IJA and IJN flew 10 sorties, lost 4 aircraft
1945Jun16 P-61 arrived at Iejima, 38 P-47 released bombs against boats, airstrip and positions of Kikaijima
1945Jun17 IJA and IJN flew 6 sorties
1945Jun17 33 P-47 gunfired and bombed wireless stations, radars, bridges, airfields and ships of Amami Island and Toku-no-sima
1945Jun18 IJA and IJN flew 3 sorties
1945Jun19 IJA and IJN flew 1 sortie
1945Jun19 47 P-47 bombed an airfield of Toku-no-sima and other 16 patrolled Amami Islands
1945Jun20 IJA and IJN flew 1 sortie
1945Jun20 14 P-47 gunfired and bombed ships, buildings, lighthouses of Amami Islands and Toku-no-sima Airfield. Other 38 bombed Omura Airfield and raided Toku-no-sima on return
1945Jun21 IJA and IJN flew 93 sorties, lost 33 aircraft
1945Jun21 Okinawa Battle ended
1945Jun22 IJA and IJN flew 185 sorties, lost 40 aircraft
1945Jun22 US ground force declared occupation of Okinawa
1945Jun22 40 P-47 patrolled over Amami Islands
1945Jun22 34 B-29s bombed Kawasaki Aircraft at Kagamihara
1945Jun23 38 P-47 bombed Hakata and Itatuke Airfield. Other 40 Saitozaki Airfield
1945Jun23 P-51 did 99 sorties at Kagamihara and Hyakuri Airfield
1945Jun24 36 P-47 raided small ships of Sakishima Islands and habors of Kurosima and Ishigaki Island
1945Jun25 85 B-29s destroyed Kawasaki Aircraft by 250 kg bombs completely
1945Jun26 Greece declared war on Japan
1945Jun27 20 P-47 raided ships of Kikaijima. 2 P-47 were shot by AA guns of the ships. 12 P-47 raided ships off shore of Kakero-asasima. 20 raided Sakishima Islands
1945Jun28 39 P-47 bombed and raided by rockets ships of Koniya as well as gunfired and raided by rockets Toku-no-sima. Other 26 raided ships, habors, airfields and seaplanes of Sakisima Islands
1945Jun29 34 P-47 gunfired and raided by rockets at Kanoya Airfield and Kusira
1945Jun30 USAAF 39th Fighter Squadron, 35th Fighter Group, moved from Clark Field, Luzon to Okinawa with P-51s
1945Jun-- Yoshida asked whether a submarine could ferry him to Europe
1945Jul01 USAF 507th Fighter Group P-47 began airstrikes in Japan mainland
1945Jul10 2TL Chikuma Maru was sunk by mine
1945Jul14 Most of 25 Betties were burned by USN aircraft at Misawa Base
1945Jul15 IJN land-based fighters' working ratio was 39%
1945Jul15 IJA 244th Sentai moved to Youkaichi from Chiran
1945Jul15 US fighters raided at Kagamihara
1945Jul17 USS Indianapolis carried nuke parts and departed from San Fransicso
1945Jul17 US fighters raided at Kagamihara
1945Jul17 US 1st nuke test
1945Jul17 USS Barb, SS-220 sent out troops to destroy railroad in Karafuto
1945Jul17 Potdam Meeting
1945Jul19 US fighters raided at Kagamihara
1945Jul20 33-56N130-58E 2TL Chikuma Maru was sunk by mine
1945Jul20 US fighters raided at Kagamihara
1945Jul22 38th Bombardment Group (Medium) that equipped with B-25 advanced to Okinawa
1945Jul24 TL type Shimane Maru 10,021t was sunk by air bombardment in Shido Bay of Kagawa
1945Jul24 2TL type Saban Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1945Jul24 US fighters raided at Kagamihara
1945Jul25 Staffs of IJHQ and domestic armies held a meeting about law and order
1945Jul25 30 Ki-100 of 244th Sentai combat against 24 F6F of VF-31 over Youkaichi
1945Jul25 345th BG with B-25 advanced to Okinawa
1945Jul25 US President permitted nuke bombing over Japan
1945Jul26 San Francisco broadcast expressed Potsdam Declare
1945Jul26 USS Indianapolis arrived at Tinian
1945Jul27 B-29 began releasing airborne leaflet propaganda in mainland
1945Jul27 Handa Workshop of Nakajima Aircraft was destroyed by B-29s bombardment
1945Jul28 US fighters raided at Kagamihara
1945Jul28 34-47N134-28E 2TL Seria Maru was sunk by air bombardment
1945Jul30 US fighters raided at Kagamihara
1945Jul30 Taruyasu maru 10,254t was sunk by air bombardment in Maizuru Harbor
1945Jul31 US Army assembled Little Boy
1945Jul-- Kure Arsenal tested explosion of various bombs on aircraft carrier Aso
1945Jul-- Price of Japan stock market began rising up
1945Aug02 US fighters raided at Kagamihara
1945Aug05 A B-29 of silverplate loaded Little Boy
1945Aug06 A B-29 released a nuke called as Little Boy over Hiroshima
1945Aug08 Charter of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East
1945Aug08 IJN tested airborne PPI 10cm radar and suceeded
1945Aug09 2nd US air nuke bombardment at Nagasaki
1945Aug09 Russia and Mongol declared war on Japan
1945Aug09 Departing from Miki, a Ki-46 crossed the Japan Sea and reconed Vladivostok
1945Aug09 8 Graces and 12 Judies actioned against US carrier force off Kikazan
1945Aug10 Government informed Allied Nations of accepting Potsdam Declare
1945Aug10 Government protested US nuke attacks
1945Aug10 Tojo met Mikado and to continue the war
1945Aug10 FEA flew 497 aircraft in Tushima Strait and Kyushu
1945Aug11 A newspaper wrote Crown Prince' sword training
1945Aug11 FEA flew about 530 sorties in the Inland Sea, the Tsushima area, and throughout Kyushu
1945Aug13 FEA 386th BS (Heavy) moved from Floridablanca to Okinawa with B-32s
1945Aug13 USN aircraft raided Tokyo
1945Aug13 7 IJN suicide aircraft against US carrier force of Inubo Cape
1945Aug13 8 Irvings, 5 Graces, 6 Franceses and 4 Jills against US carrier force of Inubo Cape at night
1945Aug14 20BC flew 752 B-29s
1945Aug14 US fighters raided at Kagamihara
1945Aug14 One of 4 Ki-84 of 244th Sentai was lost against P-51s over Biwako Lake
1945Aug14 Palace guard revolted and registed cease fire
1945Aug14 Government accepted Potsdam Declare
1945Aug14 Asahi Newspaper writes, 'Iron ears protect from bombs of broadcasting
1945Aug14 楽ͧƱ
1945Aug15 Condenmed nukes and proclaimed to people
1945Aug15 Done illegally ordered last Kamikaze air attack
1945Aug15 USN and RN aircraft raided Kanto
1945Aug15 A F4U of VBF-83 shot down a C6N over Tokyo
1945Aug15 10 Zeros of 252nd Kokutai intercepted carrier aircraft
1945Aug15 ̱ raided Kantei, torched Kido's home, Hiranuma's, Suzuki's and Naruhiko's
1945Aug18 Internal Ministry ordered comfort women service for occupied troops
1945Aug19 IJA aircraft suicide attacks with women
1945Aug19 Russian Army ran and reached Mukden in Manchuria
1945Aug26 RAA (Recreation and Amusement Association) was established for occupied soldiers
1945Aug23 Stalin ordered to labor Japanese 500,000 POW
1945Aug27 A USN PB4Y-2 landed on Atsugi Airfield
1945Aug27 430 allied vessels stayed in Sagami Bay
1945Aug28 A F6F released a message cylinder on IJN Atsugi airfield
1945Aug30 USAAF displayed air power flying 400 to 900 B-29s over Tokyo and began air control of Japan
1945Aug30 US Marines landed on Yokosuka
1945Aug30 MacArthur get down on Atsugi
1945Aug31 US Army 112nd cavalry landed on IJN Tateyama air base
1945Sep01 US Marines landed on North China
1945Sep02 USN upheld 31 Stars & Stripes and UAAF flew 435 B-29s on surrender ceremony in Uraga Channel
1945Sep03 General Yamashita surrendered
1945Sep11 Tojo shot himself
1945Sep22 GHQ banned study for nuclear fission
1945Sep29 Government actioned limit of newspapaers, but failed
1945Sep-- Soviet invaded and occupied Hoppo territories
1945Oct05 Government revised Newspaper Law
1945Oct05 Government abolished Wartime Education Law of 1941
1945Oct13 Government abolished Peace Preservation Law of 1925
1945Oct15 Government abolished GSIJN
1945Nov18 GHQ banned study for aircraft
1945Nov20 Mito was appointed IJN deputy minister
1945Nov24 Kido resigned Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal
1945Nov30 Government abolished IJA and IJN
1945Dec07 Manila military tribunal sentenced Yamashita to death by hanging on the memorial day of Pearl Habor
1945Dec24 GHQ banned study for cipher, TV and micro wave commnunication
1945----- IJN developed 30mm aircraft gun Type 5
1945----- US aided 6.9 billion dollars to UK, 2.5 billion dollars aid to Japan till 1955
1946Jan21 Government abolished RAA
1946Apr10 22th general election
1946May03 Court-martial trial began in Tokyo
1946Jun10 B-29's last roll-out
1946Jun-- GHQ allowed study for TV
1946Nov-- UK withdrew her army from Indonesia
1946Nov-- Australia occupied Timor, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Ambon
1946----- ENIAC worked 1,800 vacumn tubes for computation
1947Aug UK put down Union Jack in India
1947Nov Lèse majesté was abolished
1947--- Financial agreement between UK and US
1947--- Transistor invention
1947--- Declared renunciation of war, respect of human rights
1948Jan30 Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated
1948Jul13 Okamura killed himself
1948Nov12 Court-martial sentenced Tojo to death by hanging
1948Dec23 Tojo was executed on the birthday of Crown Prince Akihito
1948----- Shanon's "A Mathematical Theory of Communication"
1948----- Red Army occupied ̵
1949May-- Abolished Newspapers Law
1949May-- Fixed exchange rate ¥360/$
1949Aug29 Russia nuke test
1949Oct-- CCP declared new republic in China
1949----- GHQ called cryptanalysist, Kamaga
1949----- GHQ allowed Japan to build tanker
1949----- GHQ allowed Japan to work oil refinery plants on coast of the Pacific
1949----- Jyujo established an ice hocke team in Kushiro
1949----- Red Army crossed Ȼҹ
1950Feb14 润ͧƱ߱ and ĹŴƻι硦Ϣ
1950Nov01 Pope declared Maria's assumption
1950----- Oil refinery plant worked
1950----- USN ordered to send Japanese minesweepers to Korea
1951Jan-- Yoshida ordered a study why Japan failed in 15-year War
1951Apr16 Diet resolution of thanks to McArthur
1951----- ú޼ˡ
1951----- Allied nations allowed Germany to build ships
1952Jun27 Japanese Coast Guard omitted 6 Korean troopers in Take-shima
1952Jun-- US restored Japanese Americans' civil rights
1952Jul01 US returned Haneda airport
1952Oct03 UK nuke test
1952Dec-- USN informed JSP not to do minesweeping any more, Japan sent 49 minesweepers
1952----- US abolished Immigration Act of 1924
1952----- US controlled Senkaku
1953Mar09 Stalin's funeral
1953Jun02 Coronation of Elizabeth II
1953Oct21 Ratified Geneva Convention (1949)
1953Dec25 US returned Amami Islands
1953----- A radio station named culture broadcasting was on air
1953----- Honeywell and Yamatake established Yamataka-Honeywell in Japan
1954Jun02 Diet resolution not to dispatch Self defence forces abroad
1954Jul-- Self defense forces were established
1954----- Vietnam abolished Chinese characters
1954----- Genda was a serviceman of Japan Defense Agency
1954----- JMSDF resumed Kanoya Air Base
1955----- JMSDF resumed Omura Air Base
1955----- Yokogawa tied up Foxboro
1956Apr-- Korea had 6 guards stationed in Take-shima
1956----- Beckman Instruments began to sell gas chromatography
1956----- Soviet released Siberian captivity
1957----- Kenneth Harry Olsen founded DEC
1957Oct-- Sputnik 1 on an orbit
1958Feb-- Explorer 1 on an orbit
1958----- Hokushin tied up Fischer & Porter
1958----- Concept of laser
1958----- Severe starve in China
1959----- Shimadzu tied up Taylor Instruments
1959----- Yasukuni Shrine began honoring BC war criminals
1959----- Japan built submarine using NS30
1959Apr-- Crown Prince Akihito married a daughter of Catholic
1960Feb-- France nuke test
1960Oct-- Secretary of JSP Asanuma Inajiro was assasinated
1960----- Tied treaty of mutual cooperation and security between Japan and US
1960----- Agreement between Japan and US, regarding facilities and areas and the status of US armed forces in Japan
1960----- Japan built submarine using NS46
1961Jan17 Eisenhower's farewell speech
1961----- Indosesia invaded Irian Jaya
1963Jun26 US President made a speech in Berlin
1963----- Indonesia declared void agreement with Netherlands
1963----- Sharp Corp. began mass production of solar cell
1964May07 William Merrell Vories passed away at Oumihachiman
1964Aug-- 3 North Vietnum's PT attacked a USN destroyer
1964Oct23 Kaminaga go-dan was defeated by Anthonius Geesink in Judo
1964Oct-- China nuke test
1964Dec04 Goverment awarded LeMay
1964----- John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz developed BASIC
1965Nov-- Aesterix 1 on an orbit
1965----- Indonesian Army killed 150 thousand people or communists
1966----- ʸ̿ began in China
1966----- ı lost
1967Oct31 Yoshida Shigeru's funeral
1967----- Beheiren helped 4 USN deserters to Sweden
1967----- Japan built submarine using NS63
1968Apr04 Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis
1968Apr05 US returned Ogasawara territories, remarking Iwojima
1968Jul-- Goverment released elder law
1968----- RCA began to sell CD series CMOS IC
1969Oct29 A student sent the first ever message on the ARPANET
1969----- UNIX operating system
1969----- Joint Statement of Sato Eisaku and Richard Nixon
1969----- US Ryukyu government ordered to mark stake on Senkaku
1969----- Mikado gave Kido Koichi a stick
1969----- Taiwan upheld Blue Sky and White Sun on Senkaku
1970Feb03 Prime Minister Sato signed NPT
1970Feb11 Japan launched Ohsumi on an orbit
1970Apr24 China launched on an orbit
1970----- South Korea abolished kanji
1971Sep08 Ω tried to assasinate
1971Sep13 ɷ died by air accident in Mongol
1971----- China and Taiwan declared dominium of Senkaku
1971----- UK put down Union Jack in Singapore
1972Feb21 US President Nixon visited China
1972Mar-- Takizaki founded Keyence
1972May-- of KCIA met in ʿ
1972----- Government paid US 320 million dollars for Okinawa territories, void Nimitz's declare
1972----- Dennis Ritchie developed C at Bell Laboratories
1972----- Kokudo keikaku established an ice hockey team
1972----- Ard Schenk got three gold medals in Olympic game
1972----- Eastern Pakistan revolted
1973May-- Robert Metcalfe and David Boggs invented Ethernet
1973Sep30 US returned Narimasu airfields
1973Sep-- V. Cerf and R. Kahn presented a paper of transmission control protocol (TCP) at a meeting
1973----- Syosha bought oil 16 dollars per barrel from Iran, 29% inflation
1973----- Ritchie developed C language at Bell Labo
1974Jun26 Government awarded Itoh Seiichi
1974Nov18 US President Ford visited Japan
1974----- India nuke test
1974----- Utilization of oxgen and reduced micotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate
1975Jan-- Deng xiaoping was inaugrated as ̳̳ in China
1975Apr30 The NLF flag was put up above Presidential Palace of Saigon
1975Jun16 Sato Eisaku's funeral
1975----- Japan built submarine using NS80
1975----- Soong May-ling emigrated from Taiwan to New York
1975----- Bill Gates and Paul G. Allen ran BASIC on Altair 8800
1976Jan15 's funeral
1976Apr05 켡ŷ
1976Apr-- Deng xiaoping lost his position of Chinese government
1976Jul06 died
1976Jun08 Prime Minister Miki ratified NPT
1976Sep09 died at
1976----- Genentech was founded
1976----- Iwasaki Shunichi proved Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR)
1977Apr06 Kido Koichi died at Royal Hospital in Tokyo
1977Jul-- Deng xiaoping was inaugrated as ̳̳ again and , Ѱʷ̱Ĺ
1978Oct-- Deng xiaoping looked in a modern steel plant in Japan
1978Dec-- Anglican Ohira Masayoshi became Prime Minister
1978----- Intel introduced 16-bit microprocessor, 8086
1979Jan01 Deng xiaoping visited at US and looked in her industries
1979Aug14 US returned Kashiwa airfields
1979Sep22 Israel and South Africa did a nuke test in the Indian Ocean
1980----- Amgen was founded
1981Jun-- ڹ˯ lost ѰʷѰ
1981Jul-- Kyoritsu published Ritchie's C language book in Japanese
1981----- IBM adopted Intel 8088 for the IBM Personal Computer
1982Sep-- CCP inaugrated ˮ as Ѱ and Ǿʿ as Ѱ
1982----- ı advocated Ļ϶ in ̵
1982----- Intel released 80286
1983----- Yokogawa bought Hokushin
1984May-- Michael Dell incorporated Dell Computer Corporation
1985Jan-- Young's Report about Japanese industries
1985----- 1st AIDS patient found in Japan
1985----- NEC was a top company of semiconductor in the world
1985----- Digi Internationla was established in Minesota
1986Jun-- Employees of Hitachi and Mitsubishi were arrested by FBI
1987Jan16 ˮ lost
1987----- Intel released 80386
1987----- Microsoft released Windows/386
1987----- Larry Wall developed Perl
1988----- MO was sold
1989Jan07 Mikado Hirohito died
1989Feb24 Mikado's funeral
1989Apr08 ˮ died
1989Jun-- ŷ
1990May-- Microsoft released Windows 3.0
1990Nov12 Akihito has been Mikado
1991May14 killed herself
1991Jul11 Igarashi Hitoshi was assasinated
1991----- Linus Torvalds wrote Linux code
1992Jan-- Deng xiaoping started (poltical campaign) from
1992Feb Deng xiaoping celebrated with ̾ in Shanghai
1992Feb13 ̱ asked for learning Deng xiaoping's in ̵
1992----- TPC-4 1Gbps optical cable across the Pacific
1993Mar-- Volgen renamed
1993Apr23 Mikado Akihito visited Okinawa
1993----- Microsoft released VB3
1994----- Inose Hiroshi received the IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal
1995Sep-- Government ratified Chemical Weapons Convention
1995Oct21 Okinawa angered that USN did not pass 3 crime suspects and held protest meeting
1995Mar20 1st chemical gas terro in Tokyo subway in the world
1995Apr10 ı died
1995Aug02 Mikado placed flowers on grave of soldiers in Okinawa
1995Aug-- Microsoft released VB4
1995Aug-- Microsoft released Windows95
1995----- US Rocky Mountain Laboratory showed infectious prions
1995----- TPC-5CN 10Gbps optical cable across the Pacific
1996Jan23 Sun released Java JDK1
1996Feb-- Microsoft released Windows95 SP1
1996----- Atmel developed 8-bit RISC MCU called AVR
1996----- Taylor Environmental Instruments was sold to Lawrence Zalulsky & Associates
1996----- Sekimoto Tadahiro received the IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal
1997Feb19 Deng xiaoping died
1998Jan26 Compaq bought DEC
1998May-- Pakistan nuke test
1998----- Microsoft released VB6
1998Oct-- Ratified Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines
1998Jul01 Yamatatake-Honeywell became Yamatake
1998Nov28 ڵȶ
1999Jun-- Chinese Song class submarine was in service
1999----- HP bought share of YHP
1999----- AlliedSignal bought Honeywell
2000Apr13 Hitachi began selling sample of H8/3664F
2000Jul17 ͧϾ
2000----- PLAN finished building Ming class submarine
2001Jun30 ڵȶ
2001Sep11 Arabian terrorists did surprising sucide attacks at WTC in New York
2001Sep14 Statement of Rep. Barbara Lee on the floor of the House of Representatives
2001Oct25 Windows XP was on sale in the US
2001----- 400Gbps optical cable between Japan and US
2002Mar18 Mitsubishi and Hitachi announced to establish Renesas technology
2002Oct01 Sony sold its share of SonyTektronix to Tektronix
2002Nov30 EPA with Sigapore
2002Dec09 UA went bankrupt
2002----- HP bought Compaq
2002----- Yokokogawa bought Ando
2002----- Nakahara Tsuneo received the IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal
2002----- 951 ferries needed for crude oil from Persian Gulf to Japan
2003Mar28 A reconnaissance satellite of Japan on orbit
2003Sep-- US NIH launched roadmap for medical research
2003Nov13 JMSDF P3C spotted a Ming class submarine on surface off 50 km in the east of Sada Cape
2003----- NEC stopped production of PC-98
2004Jan-- Dispatched corps of engineers and military crago planes in Iraq, void Diet resolution in 1954
2004Mar-- 7 Chinese people landed Senkaku, police arrested all
2004Apr08 Xorg released the fisrt X Window System Version 11 Release 6.7 (X11R6.7.0)
2004Nov10 Chinese SSN invaded Sakishima territorial waters, Taiwan informed Japan
2004Dec-- Los Angels Times reported conflict-of-interest payments to NIH researchers
2005Feb28 Ratified addtitional Protocol I and Protocol II of Geneva Convention
2005Feb-- US NIH imposed strigent new ethics rules for NIH employees
2005Mar08 Korea scrambled an aircraft of Asahi Newspaper near Takeshima
2005Apr01 EPA with Mexico
2005Apr-- US NIH implemented voluntary open-access policy
2005Jul07 Bomb terros in London subway
2005Aug-- US NIH relaxed conflict-of-interest
2005Oct11 Mikado placed flowers on grave of lost merchant ships crews
2005----- 1.89 million patients of dementia
2005----- Demand of CRT display faded out for PC in Japan
2005----- Netherlands agreed independence of Indonesia
2005----- XBee radios were introduced under the MaxStream brand
2006Jan-- US NIH launched pathway to independence award program for post-docs
2006Jul13 EPA with Malaysia
2006Jul17 Pulled out Japanese corps of engineers in Iraq
2006Sep01 China banned broadcasting abroad animation
2006Sep06 Prince Hisahito was born at Aiiku Hospital in Tokyo
2006Oct09 North Korea nuke test
2006Oct26 A Song class submarine popped up after 5 nm of USS Kitty Hawk group near Okinawa
2006--- Scrambled Russia=196times, China=22, South Korea USAF=13, Taiwan=8
2007Apr12 Prime Minister Onkaho of China made a speech in the Diet
2007Apr17 Nagasaki Mayor Itoh was assasinated
2007Jul16 Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake
2007Jun28 Mikado visited Suicide Cliff in Saipan
2007Jul-- Review of US NIH peer-review launched
2007Jul-- Pfizer shrank 700 workers in Japan
2007Sep03 EPA with Chile
2007Nov01 EPA with Thailand
2007----- Super-aged society
2007----- Japan consumed gasoline of 225kL daily
2007----- ONKYO bought SOTEC
2008Jun-- US NIH open-access policy becomed namdatory
2008Jul01 EPA with Indonesia
2008Jul21 China and Russia signed an additional Sino-Russian Border Line Agreement
2008Jul05 PT Daisen chased Korean PT-5001 and alarmed not to survey Japanese EZZ
2008Jul31 EPA with Brunei
2008Aug08 Beijing summer Olympic
2007Aug22 Prime Minister Abe visited India and had curry to be ill
2008Aug30 Alitalia went bankrupt
2008Sep24 Imperial Court Agency approved of Catholic Aso Taro's Prime Minister
2008Sep25 USS George Wasington, CVN-73 entered Yokosuka
2008Nov27 Subaru announced to shrink 800 workers in Gunma
2008Dec08 PT Kunigami confirmed 8-hour-under-water-data mapping of 2 boats of China within waters of Japan
2008Dec08 Government protested China
2009Jan30 NEC announced to shrink more than 20,000 workers
2009Apr20 Keyence held 43.96 % stock shre of Just System
2009Apr23 Kamei Shizuka told Mikado to live in Kyoto instead of Tokyo
2009Jul27 Micro Focus International plc bought Borland Software Corporation
2009Sep-- Hitachi Maxwell stopped to sell MO
2009Nov16 Icelandic genomics 'deCODE' went bankrupt
2009Nov16 Akahata showed that Fujitsu will shrink 2,000 workers at Iwate
2009Dec09 Sony announced to shrink more than 16,000 workers in the world
2009Dec-- Mitsubishi Kagaku stopped to sell MO
2009----- ONKYO abolished SOTEC brand
2010Jan19 JAL went bankrupt
2010Jan27 Oracle bought Sun
2010Feb15 ڵȶƱѰ
2010Feb17 Nihon IBM announced to do Kao's clerk jobs in Dairen China
2010Apr22 Belgium's government brought down by language dispute
2010May19 Pfizer announced to shrink 6,000 workers
2010May28 JVC announced to stop making video camera and to sell estate for ¥6.3 billion
2010Jul08 A manned solar-powered plane flew non-stop for more than 26 hours
2010Jul08 Merck will close 8 research sites and plans to shrink about 15,000 people
2010Jul15 Sanyo annoucned to sell semiconductor field to On Semiconductor
2010Jul21 Mitsubishi announced to stop building freighters at Kobe
2010Jul29 Renesas Electronics announced to shrink 4,000 workers
2010Aug03 Asahi-kasei Chemicals announced to stop production of ammonia and benzene
2010Sep29 Takefuji went bankrupt
2010Oct08 Panasonic announced to shut a pump factory in Kurume
2010Oct22 JX Nippon Oil & Energy announced to shrink 1,000 workers
2010Oct25 Aiful announced to close 30 shops
2010Oct-- Nihon IBM announced to shrink 1,600 workers
2010Nov10 Oki announced to shrink 1,000 workers
2010Nov18 Roche announced to shrink 4,800 workers
2012May22 Kobe City Jyutaku Kosha announced minji saisei law
2012Jul02 Micron announced to buy Elpida
2012Aug02 Sharp announced to shrink 5,000 workers
2012Aug10 Sicoh announced miji saisei law

I do not know Western concept humanism very well. But I am interested how commons of Japan thought human rights in Japanese history. See humanism in a little bit before 19C. Thank you for reading the list.

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