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ENIAC and Bombe
I knew ENIAC in an electronics handy book at first. It said, 'the first programmed electronic computing machine in the world'. Several years later, I knew Turing Machine in a programming book, written in English originally. Alan Turing(1912-1954) worked at Bletchley Park to break enemy cipher and suceeded. The machine was called Bombe.
Bletchley Park
Colossus computer

Signal intelligence of powers and MOFA of Japan
Germany broke cipher of MOFA completely at first which was called Purple in US. Germany warnmed Ambassador Oshima that allied nations read codes of MOFA in a polite way on Apr 1941. Pherhaps Germany was afraid that her military information leaked via MOFA. US used a lot of punch card machines to sort codes. Germany and Japan had imported the machines from US. How Germany and Russia could break Purple without machines?

Security mind
IJN code was broken, so the battle of Midway and kill of Yamamo occurred. Once Genda said, 'There is no way to win with the kill of Yamamoto because of cracking IJN cipher'. MOFA and IJN had not made effort to improve how to handle cipher machines because they did not mind securities of Japan. They were much busier in their domestic ministris' rights to confront IJA. Japanese embassy of Spain got a faint information of US nucler delopment, but cracking of ciphers occurred deaths of agent in the US.

My shelf
I count up books on my shelves about intelligence and cipher. Japan fought only information. Leaders of IJA and IJN often ignored opinion of intelligence section. Only operation section of IJA and IJN planned the war. How united organization did not always work well?

  1. Code breaking 1997 : The most interested book to me. There is a photo that Guderian is waiting for translation of cipher by enigmas in a wagen. He is the most excellent commander of kikosen(tank battle) among Japanese military maniac. I rather prefer Rommel(1891-1944) with a Fi156C.
    GuderianRommel with Fi156C

  2. Blind man's bluff 1998 : I felt melting mood of USN submariners. The book dipicts a bar called 'Horse & Cow' in CA. The photo of banners reminded me of a bar where Brigadier General Yeager and his fellows gathered in the film 'The Right Stuff'. But the real Horse & Cow in WA is a mood of old Navy and rum.
    Horse & Cow

  3. The black chamber 1931 : people of Japan read Yardley's work much more 4 folds than US people per population.
  4. An introduction to computers and problem solving 1968 : I knew Turing Machine at first
  5. Ango to jyoho shakai 1999 : I was surprised at the budget of CIA and NSA
  6. Echelon to jyoho senso 2002 : Good book, the author Kaji was a jyoho tushin officer of JSDFAF.
  7. IT no yami 2000 : Concentration of 9 NSA's internet access points in the US is interested. At first I had imagined such the place of National Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory.
  8. Echelon 2001 : No value book now.
  9. Ango Kaidoku Senso 2001 : No value book now. Author Yoshida's another Ango senso was better.
  10. Novels : The name of the rose 1983, Enigma 1995, The da vinci code 2003

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