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Aircraft production
A big earthquake damaged factories of aircraft especially Mitsubishi heavily on 7 Dec 1944. The earthquake was named Tounankai-jishin. Yamagata Factory of Nakajima Aircraft in Handa and Doutoku Factory of Nagoya Aircraft Seisakusyo of Mitsubishi were destroyed by the earthquake. 153 people died in Handa Factory of Nakajima, columns of which were removed to assemble aircraft parts and windows were screened to keep military secrets. A lot of workers dashed into a single exit and walls destroyed. Handa Factory producted carrier bombers and reconnaissance aircraft. 64 junior high school students, who were volunteered officially, died in Doutoku Factory of Mitsubish as the same. Both were built as spinning factories. Mitsubishi gauve up rebuilding of it. Although Japan cover up the earthquake, newspapers of US knew it. It was natural that US watch over the sky. The production might have decreased half. Aircraft industry has not been glorious after the Pacific War. Instead, auto is major industry now.
Syowa no jishin
Nagoya-si no bakugeki-kouka

Piston ring
A recent Niigata-jishin(Niigataken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake in 2007) stopped production of autos all over Japan for a few weeks. Because a manufacturing factory of Niigata has supplied simple piston rings for almost of domestic car engines. Why Riken built such a place unconvinent for transport?
2007 Chūetsu offshore earthquake

Successive earthquakes in Tokyo
Year of Earthquake
I had lived in Tokyo for 8 years. I was surprised that small earthquakes often occures in Tokyo. I also lived in Kyoto and have lived near Kyoto more than 20 years. There are few earthquakes in Kyoto. A scholar predicts, 'Big earthquake will be to occur in Tokyo probability 70% by 2036.' The table shows years of 2 historical recent big earthquakes in Kyoto and Tokyo. Big Earthquake of 1923 is called Kanto Dai Shinsai. Tokugawa Ieyasu selected Edo to govern Kanto. I think Tokugawa Ieyasu did not mind much because he was from Mikawa, of which is near Nagoya. He lived in Sunpu(Shizuoka) near Mikawa after retiring Shogunate. Sooner or later Nagoya or Tokyo will damage in near future. Japan began the Pacific War after the Big Earthquake of Tokyo in 18 years later and Meiji Restoration after Ansei Earthquake in 13 years later.

Great Kantou earthquake damaged 3.7 folds of government budget. Government outcame 10% of budget as restoration expenditure. This occurred curb of arms in 1925.
Morimoto, p286
1923 Great Kantou earthquake
Ansei no Dai-jisin

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