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Tokyo Rose
F-13 was modified B-29 for photo reconnaissance. It was equipped with 3 Fairchild K-17/-17B, K-18 and 2 K-22 cameras in a front bomb bay. And 2 640gal fuel tanks in a back bomb bay. The total amount of fuel was 8,080gal(25.8kL). The amount is equivalent to 129 drum cans of Japan standard.
Boeing B-29, p33

The 21st AF used a F-13 to take photos over Tokyo on Oct 13th 1944. LeMay writes that Japan will not intercept a single super fortress to keep forces against large scale raids. The F-13 took several thousand photos for 35 minutes over Tokyo. The F-13 was called Tokyo Rose.
B-29, p166
Remark : Translator of B-29, Watanabe points the right date, 1st Nov

The Tokyo Rose invaded Tokyo at 9,800m altitude on a very clear day, Nov 1st 1944. Its height reached at 11,000m returning course.
Watanabe, p232

The nose art of Tokyo Rose was a woman of hair style like an onion who sweeps floor with a mop. She was not attractive like other painted women in B-29s. By the way I can imagine that a lot of people saw the exhausted stream. My mother told me that she saw streams of B-29 in summer in Hokkaido.

As matter of fact, Japan misjudged invading more than 3 aircraft from information on Nov 1st 1944. So Dinahs intercepted at full length. Tonys and Nicks of 18th, 144th, 53rd sentai did. Kitagawa says, 'I flew 11,400m high, but B-29 was flying over the altitude.'
Watanabe, p234

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