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This page contains Japanese characters.

The Japanese common people understood concept of humanism after WWII. The origin of western humanism is from ancient Greek. The Greeks said, 'Know thyself'. They longered beautiful human bodies like gods under clear high noon because they had known anxiety in deep darkness of human mind. They thought Phyche(originally means butterfly) and deah together. I hear western people dislike butterlies because of symbol of death even now. As for a while, Japanese people thought butterfly and hana(flower) together. One of example of hana is a cherry blossom. Some Japanese virgins wears gorgeous furisode(µ) with butterflies pattern, when their parents celebrate their daughers' mature.

Western people also inherited ancient Greek art and literature, and developed unique Christanity. They had thought humanism for 500 years long. 13 local revolted colonies of UK declared HUMAN RIGHTS for the first time in the world. The radical thought propgageted in Japan at last. Japanese feel curious in Christianity at first in 16th century. Japanese government was afraid of Christian revolutionary idea, 'love of God'. It lists how Japanese accepted humanism in history till 18C. See chronology after 19C.

0723 Established the oldest asylum named Hidenin (ı)
0730 Empress Koumyou established the oldest hospital named Seyakuin (), faded out 11C
0868 Diamond Sutra was printed and found in a cave in Dunhuang
0971 First paper Koran was copied in Persia
1150 Arabs set up the first paper mill in Al-Andalus
1240 Ninsyo restored Hidenin
1293 a Hidenin turned into a temple of Kyoto
1512 Syphilis spread
1549 Francis Xavier propagandized Christianity for 2 years
1557 Luis de Almeida established a hospital by western medicine in Kyusu
1576 A church was built in Kyoto
1609 Galileo used his spyglass for observing the Moon
1613 Tokugawa Iemitsu banned Christianity in his territory
1637 Descartes' Météores
1687 Newton's 'Principia'
1722 Government established Koishikawa Hospital for poor people
1790 1st smallpox vaccine was done in Akizuki han

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