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Battlefield insectica

In Rabaul, Genda of IJN was ill in bed of a hospital for 20 days on Sep 1942. Rabaul is near New Guneia and Solomon Islands.
Genda, p234
Genda Minoru

Also Iwamoto was ill in bed for a week on 13th Dec 1943, who was an excellent fighter pilot of IJN. Aircraft ferried kinine at first. Submarines ferried medicine after losing air and sea control.
Iwamoto, p176
Iwamoto Tetsuzo

50 thousand troops of Japan died of maralia in Luzon.

IJA General Staff
IJA General Staff found that US Army would action after stock prices of pharmacy companies were high.

US troops in desert
Otherwise aircraft of USN from aircraft carriers sprayed DDT on 2nd Apr, Marines landed in Okinawa after 2 days. C-47 sprayed the DDT using Yomitan airfield on 8th Apr.
DOA p.100

US studies battlefield insectica in desert now. The photo shows a march in dried ground.
Nature, p18 3Jul2008

The boots interested to me. In WWII, soldiers of IJA often wore US Army boots from dead US soldiers because IJA offered poor boots for battlefields.

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