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This page contains kanji characters.

Interior Ministry of Japan banned selling Jazz records and playing Jazz as enemy music in 1943. Enemy words were translated into other words, for example rekodo(record)=onban. It was funny to rename record brands. Ministry of Education banned to teach English in middle school.

Otherwise Japan did not ban Chinese songs, though both nations had been at war for 5 yeas. A Chinese composer made a song, titled Itu no hi ka kimi kaeru(When will you come home, 何日君再来), was a big hit in Japan in 1940. Chiang Kaishek troop sang the tune on leaving for Taiwan, I heard. Both of Japanese and Chinese people loved it each other as Lili Marleen in the West.
Itunohi ka kimi kaeru, 何日君再来)
Lili Marleen

Why did not Government ban a Chinese song but Jazz music and English words? Japan accepted Chinese culture for 500 years. But American culture was less than 100 years. It reminds me of ultra nationalism in 19th century. Spirits of bureaucrats were conservative same as in Edo era at the Pacific War. They disliked Western thought and adopted Western technologies only. Leaders of Japan forgot international law too, when Japan broke the Pacific War. Governers were afraid that commons knew Western thought. And commons did not believe government and its bureaucats. Bureaucrats ignored spirits of confidence, cooperation and love among societies of Japan. They thought people were uncivilized pesants, workers and soldiers only.

On the contrary, US were busy with learning Japanese for intelligence war. US bureaucrats were reasonable.

Jazz became very popular. Sometimes we listen to Jazz in BGM of Japanese TV drama or something. A TV program of Japan uses Blue note records now.

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