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Law and order

Soldiers at court-martial
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The table shows personnels executed at the domestic court-martial increased sharply in the Pacific war. IJA and Ministry of Education had trained young men under age 20 since 1920s. IJA made soldiers displine hard for a long time. Staffs of IJHQ and domestic armies held a meeting about law and order on 25th Jul 1945. 1st General Army reported that 60% of illegal action was AWOL and defection of the soldiers. 2nd General Army reported that food shortage was cause of defection. Air General Army reported bad crimes of sucide attack crews. Kempeitai reported a lot of robbery and sex crimes. Staffs of IJAHQ had to admit they did not have regular soldiers no more in Japan main land.

While draft and ration of government enforcement brought bribery of 'Kaoyaku' among commons community. Kiyosawa Kiyoshi wrote deterion of public moral in his diary in 1943. He died at St. Luke's Hospital in Tokyo.
Gunzo, p33-49, no62
First General Army
Kiyosawa Kiyoshi(1890-1945)

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