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Airborne leaflet propaganda

This page contains kanji characters.

Local cities to be air bombered by B-29
This leaflet tells, 'Cities of encircled names will be bombed soon.' Listed cities were Nagano(Ĺ), Takaoka(Ⲭ), Kurume(α), Fukuyama(ʡ), Toyama(ٻ), Maizuru(), Otsu(), Nishinomiya(), Maebashi(), Koriyama(), Hachioji(Ȭ) and Mito(). The outside wrote in bumbleheaded Japanese. I feel it strange further reality. A boy read another leaflet. it said, "Japan is a country of God. Japan will burn ash." The boy thought enemy spoke a joke that God() and paper() are the same pronunciation Kami in Japanese. Actually B-29s bombed such cities, Nishinomiya, Toyama, Fukuyama, Hachiouji, Maebasi and Mito on Aug 1945. B-29 flew from the south. So Koriyama is far from the south, and Kurume is far from the east in the cities. Although the distance is 900km between Koriyama and Kurume, distance of Guam(13.5N, 144.8E)-Koriyama and Guam-Kurume are 2,699km and 2,819km. The difference is only 120km.
Distance on the Earth
List of Japanese cities by population
Rank and position of warned cities
Target(latitude, longitude)Population
Hachioji(35.67, 139.32)24
Nishinomiya(34.73, 135.33)31
Fukuyama(34.48, 133.37)36
Toyama(36.7, 137.22)41
Nagano(36.63, 138.18)49
Koriyama(37.40, 140.23)63
Otsu(35.00, 135.87)65
Maebashi(36.38, 139.07)68
Kurume(35.32, 130.52)71
Mito(36.4, 140.6)87
Takaoka(36.75, 137.17)below 125
Maizuru(35.47, 135.38)below 125
Hachiouji(35.67, 139.32)
Maebashi(36.38, 139.07)
Maizuru(35.47, 135.38)
Nagano(36.63, 138.18)
Takaoka(36.75, 137.02)
Toyama(36.7, 137.22)

20th AF of US began to release leaflets on 28th Jul 1945. Lemay wrote that B-29s released some kinds of leaflet suggesting to flee from fire bombs after the big Tokyo raid on 5th Mar 1945.
Watanabe p.407
Super fortress B-29, p207
Airborne leaflet propaganda
Beigun dentan
Tai Beiei Sinri-sakusen

On air, US had released other leaflets to propagate VOA from Saipan using middle wave on 23rd Apr 1945.

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