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Banned newspapers

Banned publications of newspapers
I list up newspapers number that Govermnent banned distribute in 1920-30s. The peak of them was 1932 when Shanghai Incident occurred. Inugai Tsuyoshi was Prime Minister at then. Inugai was a journalist from newspaper ironically. His cabinet controlled the newspaper hard. The two next prime ministers were from IJN. These ministers also banned newspapers. The civil prime minister killed freedom of newspaper. He was assasinated by a radical. Powers charmed governers. They did not allow newspaers to speak because they did not trust commons. Power of governance charmed military bureaucrats. Negative aspects of Meiji Restoration come out sharply in 1930. A bud of democracy was picked out by the last civil prime minister from a journalist at last.
Inukai Tsuyoshi
Saito Makoto
Okada Keisuke

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