Intolerance or nationalism
Desperate War of Japan in the Pacific
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 Memorials of assasinated rulers
Background of ruler's assasination
Ii NaosukeDiplomatic issue with powersBattle of Shimonoseki Straits
Ito HirobumiKorean nationalismKorean annexation
Hara TsuyoshiManchuria issueDiplomatic intervention
Hamaguchi OsachiManchuria issueManchurian Incident
Saito MakotoChina issueMarco Polo Bridge Incident
Tairo Ii Naosuke was assasinated by ronin of Mito han at a gate of Edo Castle on 24 March 1860 and burried at Gotoku Temple.[2] There was conflict between big local governments and bakufu's bureaucratic lords.
The 1st PM Ito Hirobumi was assasinated by a Korean in Harbin on 26 October 1909.[3]
The 19th PM Hara Tsuyoshi was assasinated by a JNR service man on 4 November 1921.[4]
The 27th PM Hamaguchi Osachi was shot by a radical at Tokyo Station on 14 November 1930 and died on 26 August 1931.
The 29th PM Inugai Tsuyoshi was assasinated by IJN radiacals on 15 May 1932 and burried at Aoyama.[1]
The 30th PM Saito Makoto was assasinated by IJA radiacals on 26 February 1936.[5]

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 Omoto shrine
Mirokuden of Omoto shrine
Original in 1935Rebuilt in 1953
Omoto Shrine called Mirokuden was destroyed by internal police ( Tokkou ) in 1935. The Mirokuden is located at Ayabe in the north of Kyoto on the west of the holy leyline. Internal police arrested 987 members of Omoto, because they were not loyal to Mikado. The police tortued them by shinai, hot hibashi and water etc in conventional and traditional methods. 16 of the arrested people died under torture in jail. 318 of the 987 members were in trials. There were 18 lawers in the trials. One of them was Kiyose Ichirou who was a lawyer of Far East Tokyo Warcriminal Court later. Government did not admit freedom of religion in Shrine, though Government admit freedom of religion in Chritianity in Meiji era. We got freedom of religion after the Pacific War at last. We became citizens of modern society in 1950s. It took more than 100 years! Mikado is the highest oracle in Association of Shinto Shrines
Omoto Jiken
Omoto Syugeki
Kiyose Ichirou
Shinkyou no Jiyu
Association of Shinto Shrines

By the way, shinai is used to train young sumo wrestlers by oyakata. Young gangs love shinai to fight. Ouendan of high schools and universities love it too. We were all trained to sing a traditional cheer song by ouendan in our high shool. The leader of ouendan had a shinai. Hibashi was chopsticks to handle charcoal in a hibachi.

Light of PantheonTorii of Ise
PantheonIse Shrine
Very old church shows collective unconsiousness of peolples' soul. one of examples is leyline. In Japan Ise shrine and Motoise shrine are on a holy leyline for mid summer days. There is also Kyoto on the line. The ancient oracles saluted the sun at a torii(gate) of Ise Shrine. The right photo looks unnatural. The sun sets at the top of a hill of Moto-ise Shrine . I felt mythic at the Pantheon of Rome, when I visited here. Its light seemed to me the afterlight of ancient gods and the fusion light of Christanity and western spirit. Old churches remained pagan in veiled fashion.

 Inferior democratic government power than military power
A few lawmakers criticized that Minobe's theory violated Mikado's right to govern Japan in February 1935[1]. Military bureaucrates agreed with omit of Minobe's theory and used to get political power to govern Japan. Although British Assembly registed King's power to control civilians, Japanese Diet demanded Mikado would govern much. Japan was a kind of facism in 1935. Governers of samurai always used Mikado as their muppet in Japanese long history. Bureaucrats and lawmakers will continue to use Mikado as their authority to govern Japanese people. While The British Commander-in-Chief was made subordinate to the Secretary for War in 1870[3]. It took 170 years to have assembly or Secretary of Army controlled the commander-in-chief[2].

 Military ideology in school
Youth camp in 1920s
Why suicide operation was possible among Japanese soldiers?

Government decided to assign 2,000 military officers to train under 20 years old boys in school in 1925. Government established youth military camps for 16 to 20 years old in 1926. The number of the camps was 15,930 much than all the 11,948 towns and villages of Japan.
Seinen kunrensyo

Education Ministry revised text books in 1933. Hinkokoku, p245

There was Hyakutake Gengo(1882-1976) who was an admiral from Saga, thought Japan should not fight with US. Saga was originally Nabeshima han where made armstrong guns by herself.

A Saga high school won the high school baseball championship in Japan this year. The school has not accepted any skilled students from other prefectures. Some local governments will be able to reform their shools independently as they did in Edo era. Commons from these schools think themselves in their future.

Japan built a lot of high shools after WWII in uniform as Meij government made a lot of elementary schools. It was wrong that Meiji government abolished local han shools(hankou) since Edo era. Katsura Taro led to the victory of Japanese Russo war, who was educated in such a school and a son of bushi.

Mr. Abe said, 'Japan should be out of after-the-war regime'. However, people want slow life like French, and began to think eco life style in Edo era because of decreasing income. Local commons think regime in vague after 'Meiji' not 'WWII'.

 Prime minister's legitimacy from father and grandfather in Japan
A leader of a political party of Japan who lost his father in his childhood, making his own way was disthroned a few years ago in Japan. It reminds that Japanese law makers have respect for blood of prime ministers as Edo era even now. A man who was a wood cutter or a tailor, will not be a prime minister of Japan at all. Aso, grand son of prime minister, Yoshida Shigeru, became Prime Minister. Former prime minister, Abe was a grand son of a prime minister, Kishi Nobusuke. Fukuda Yasuo was son of prime minister Fukuda Takeo. A few clans of Fujiwara, Genji, Hojyo, Ashikaga and Tokugawa governed Japan for a long time. Once an ambassasor of the US told that only 1,500 ruler class noble men govern Japan. Commons think that Aso is KY ( Kanji Yomenai ). It means that Aso could not read Kanji that commons learn in high school. If he pretends to do so, he is great. Some Shogun or local lord of Edo era sometimes pretended to be a fool for political reason.

Fukuzawa was shocked to find that sons or grand sons of President Washingon had not governed US yet, when he travelled around US as an official accompanying personnel of Bakufu(Government). He was a samurai of local Nakatsu-han in Kyushu then. He translated United States Declaration of Independence into Japanese in 1866 before Meiji Restoration. Local lords of Japan knew it soon. 14 books about Fukuzawa for kids are hit at!
Fukuzawa Yukichi

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