Desperate War of Japan in the Pacific

Japanese amphibous campaings

Shanghai Incident (Jan - Mar 1932)

Fig.1 Invasion route map

A riot crowd raided a Japanese Naigaimen factory at the west of Shanghai on 18 October 1931. IJN decided to action at once. A crowd of Japanese peole held a protest meeting in Shanghai, when a Chinese newspaper wrote an unsuitaable article about Mikado. More than one thirds people of Shanghai settlement were Japanese. Few French peole interested us.

Tbl.1 Shanghai settlement people of nations in 1930

Japanese Marine, troops of 1,876 collied with Chinese private troops in Shanghai on 29 January 1932. Minister Shigemitsu requested IJA dispatch on 1 February. Japanese Cabinet held a meeting on 2 February. Makino and Takahashi disagreed and proposed withdraw of Japanese people. But the cabinet decided expedition. Japan had to dispatch troops in large scale. IJN dispatched aircraft carrier Kaga and Hosyo in action at first. Aerial combat was done. Under a commision of British minister, Murai minister told Mayor of Shangnai that Ueda demanded 20 km withdrawal of Chinese troops on 18 February. See the map. The Chinese troops had already made 3 layer-zones of defence. Each zone were a few lines of a trench. They were WWI type positions. Japanese army began attack with artillery and tanks on 20 February. Japanese army stopped the first offense on 22 February, though IJN supplied with 1.2 million ammo of rifles, 260 thousand ammo of machine guns and 4 thousand ammo of guns. The second offence began on 25 February, and could not break the first front.

IJA and IJN did an amphibious operation on 1 March. IJA used newly developed landing crafts and armored boats for the first time[1]. The landing craft was called Daihatsu.
Fig.2 3shiki-2go Kansen
Fig.3 13shiki-2go Kanko B1M2
It follows IJN combat of Shanghai Incident in list.

Jan30 Aircraft carrier Kaga and Sawakaze arrived at Maanshan Islands
Jan31 Enemy repeated attacks
----- 17 aircraft of Kaga flew over Shanghai
Feb01 Aircraft carrier Hosyo and 2nd Destroyer Squadron arrived at Maanshan Islands
Feb22 An enemy Boeing-218 shot down a Mitsubishi 13shiki-3go kanko. 3 Nakajima 3shiki-2go kansen shot down it at Suzhou

Although Japan got a military win, Japan failed in diplomatic relation with League of Nations. Japan lost European nations support except for Uk.

Amphibious operation in the Pacific

Japan had actioned amphibious operations in the Pacific for three months. IJA and IJN used 376 merchant ships of 1.9MGT in the big campaings. Japan lost 53 merchant ships which were 14% of all the Japanese merchant ships[2].

Tbl.2 Requisitioned transports
Java, Bali99
New Britain12


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