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Stock market

When Yoshida Shigeru was an ambassador in London in 1936-1938, prime minister Chamberlain called him. Yoshida said to him, ' Interest of Japanese bond is high in London market considering confidence of Japanese government. Japan always payed interest. Japan has to pay same as small Balkan States. and I hear London market take up Chinese bond in spite of no pay of interest. I will tell Government to spread payment.' Prime minister said, 'I take your note.' The next day, the price of Japanese bond rised 6 points upto 95 pound.
Yoshida p.275

Hori, a staff of IJA General Staff found a relation that stock prices of can companies and pharmacy companies got high before US operations in the Pacific Ocean. Hata wrote it on a comment of Hori's book.
Hori, p347
Hori Eizou

When sucide attacks against warships of Okinawa ended on Jun 1945 and Japan lost the Okinawa Battle, strangely price of stock market of Japan began rising up, though IJA and IJN had prepared for the final battle of Japan. Nakajima, a staff of GF thought secret operation to stop the Pacific War was going.
Nakajima p.236

IJN had made submarines and a lot of sucide weapons that were torpedos, boats and gliders with a rocket. An IJN had trained a lot of young sucide crews.
manned torpedos
midget submarines
suicide boat

While a few leaders of IJN actioned to stop the Pacific War. Minister of IJN Yonai ordered deputy minister Inoue to stop the war on Aug 1944. Inoue also ordered rear admiral Takaki. Conflict of seeking political power to take Mikado's favor continued almost a year. Mikado always plays a remarkable role in the conflict of Japanese history and stands in balance of conflicting groups. In the conflict of political poweres, cease fire information stimulated stock market of Japan, I think.

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