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This page contains kanji characters.


Japanese government sent students to China to learn her civilization. These are famous persons in history of Japan.

Otherwise a lot of Chinese students came to Japan and learned modernization of Japan. Sonbun, Chiang Kai-shek and Zhou Enlai were famous among them. Sun Wen stayed here.

Japanese students went to China
NameKanjiBirth year/placeDeath year/place
Abe no Nakamaro-698 Yamato770 Choan
Kibi no Makibi-695775
Saicho-767 Oumi822 Hieizan
Kukai-774 Sanuki835 Koyasan
Engyo߹799 Kyoto852
Ennin߿794 Shimotuke864
Eunñ798 Yamashiro869
Enchin814 Sanuki89
Syuei809 Kyoto884
Eisai-1141 Kibi1215 Kamakura or Kyoto
Dogen-1200 Kyoto1253 Kyoto
Sesson Yubai¼ͧ12901347
Sesyu-1420 Bicyu1502
Kian Geiju˰ø14271508
Priests wished securities of land and people. They thought mandala, however noble people of Japan did not understand it.

Enchin went and came back by a merchant ship

In the end of Heian era, noble clans believed in amida-nyorai and saiho-jyodo. Sugawara no Michizane proposed not to send Imperial embassies to China in 894, because of Tang's domestic confusion, official expendture, and merchantizing route between Korea and Japan. In later, priests studied in private mission. Syuei was Todaiji-betto, Toji-nicyojya
amida-nyorai and saiho-jyodo

Chinese priests thought deep and grew up zen, a kind of metaphysics. Dogen purified zen in Japanese simplified style, therefore his thought was very diffcult for me to understand. Heidegger knew Dogen's 'Uji' in 1920s. I prefer Heigegger's 'Sein und Zeit'.

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