Walls of a small house in Tokyo
Desperate War of Japan in the Pacific
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bamboo fall
Bamboo fenceFall wall
When I walked around towns of Tokyo, it was strange to see walls around too small houses. I knew common people were prohibited to live in a house which had walls and a gate in Edo era. Walls were allowed only ruling class Samurai before. Concept of upper and lower sticks to mind of people in Tokyo, Mikado's walls stand up on for Shogun now. Every one built walls like samurai in Meiji era later. Prime minister of Japan lives in Kantei where is not around walls as well as UK. Both prime ministers are inaugurated by Mikado or King.

Bamboo grows well in the west of Japan. To see bamboo growing was curious for me, because I grew up in Hokkaido. Once Japan exported bamboo crafts, lantern, fan, skiing poles which were used in skiing troops of Finland etc.
Mussashi Edo-jyou

A Japanese professor of economics said, "There is four divisions of society at University of Tokyo. Law, medicine are upper. Economics, engineering are lower."

Certainly I was disappointed to Mr. Fukui's scandal of the Bank of Japan. A lots of Japanese professors have studied economics more than 100 years. Laurentzs of Nobel Prize in economics are Americans this year again.
Mr. Fukui's scandal

Money of the Wall Street broke challanging Germany, Japan and Soviet. But it seems their method has not worked in China and Vietnam well. If Leaders of Japan analyzed her economy in 1930s, the catastrophy would not bring out in 15 years later.

Zhongnanhai Walls
Han of China built police to govern farmers, the police had around walls. Bureaucrats and troops lived in the police, The bureaucrats collected taxes. China continues to distinguish people between city and village even now. Kremlin means walls originally. Leaders of China lives in walls, as governers did once upon a time. Now, this place is completely around walls.

2 succesive top leaders of China are from ( µ ) now. ( 븵, , Ϸ, ) and also were all from here. It is interesting. Principle of the nation is different from her outsiders ( ). US and other nations will always worry her politics in confused relations.

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