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This page contains Japanese characters.

War criminal

Japanese commons had no interest to judge their crimminals against humanism. We were simply in hunger. Without punishment, such crimminals against humanity would bring out again. Supreme Court of Japan usually does not judge crimes of government. Government absolutely makes no errors, so unneccessary for punishment. This is the rule since Meiji Restoration. A big earthquake in Tokyo and tight depression will cause the dark age again under corruption of democracy. Political situation of Japan looks like 1920s or WWI. In those days, Japan's diplomatic issue was China. This time will be US. Once Japan stumbled on China, this time US. Nuke possison powers will use them for their securities and cost performance. Japan knows the merciless force. Japan's economy is dependent with US foods and China markets completely. How will poor Japan do without money?
  • War Criminal Committiee
    Allied nations established the committiee in 1943. Members were China, India, US, Australlia, UK, New Zealand, Netherlands, France, Belguim, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, South Africa and Yugoslavia.

  • Trial places of far east
    (B) Conventional War Crimes, (C) Crimes against Humanity
    Trial Netherland(Ambon, Kupan, TanjonPenang, Batavia, Barikkuppan, Banjarumashin, Hollandia, Bontianakku, Makasar, Medan, Menado, Morotai)
    Trial China(, Canton, , , Shanghai, , , Taipei, Nanking, Beijing)
    Trial Australlia(AmbonMorotai, Wewak, Port Darwin, Manus, Rabaul, Singapore, Honkong, Rabuan)
    Trial UK(Arorusuta, Kuala Lumpur, Jesselton, Johorubaru, Singapore, Taiping, Burma, Penan, Hongkong)
    Trial US(Guam, Kuezerin, Shanghai, Manila, Yokohama)
    Trial France(Saigon)
    Trial Philippine(Manila)

  • Cannibalism
    This is one case. USN asked how to treat bailed out airmen, when troops of Chichijima surrendered. Chichijima locates in the north of Iwojima. A commander of troops ordered to kill a POW and cook the flesh, and high ranked officers ate them drinking sake if airmen were caught. They were accused of murder. According to an IJA officer of Chichijima from Wakayama, he says in Japanese, the food supplies was better than main land. Another IJN officer says in Japanese, 'Troops kept cows and hens on July 1945 in Chichijima. There was only a tomb of an enemy soldier in the island.

    This is another case. IJA ordered to kill 8 POWs of a B-29 crew who were anatomy alive in Kyushu Imperial University. A medical professor and other doctors including 5 officers of IJA ate the flesh of POWs.

  • A prison in Iraq
    I was shocked to see images of a prison in Iraq. When and why US Army lost humanity? US Army treated prisoneers properly in WWII.
    Abu Ghraib

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