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Yoshida Shigeru

Plan to visit Europe by submarine
Yoshida[5] was arrasted by Kempei because he had a copy of Konoe's address to Mikado for peace on 15 April 1945[10]. Yoshida visited vice admiral Ozawa[6] and asked whether a submarine of IJN could ferry him to Europe in June 1945 in order to negotiate a peace treaty. Yoshida was told to go by Akizuki. Akizuki was a son of Lord Akizuki. Ozawa was a son of samurai of Akizuki Han. His wife was a daughter of Akizuki clan.

Summary of diplomatic failure in 15-year War
Yoshida ordered bureaucrats of Foreign Affair Ministry why Japan failed and mistook at 15-year War in January 1951[8].

  1. Taikyoku-kan ( ɴ ) no ketsujo ( ǡ ), tai Chugoku seisaku ( ) no shippai ( )
  2. Genjitu-teki shikou ( Ū׹ ) no ketsujo ( ǡ ), Keishiki-syugi ( ), kibou-teki ( ˾Ū ) na Handan ( Ƚ ) wo yusen ( ͥ ) sita koto
  3. Nando ka atta Gaikou-teki ( Ū ) na Tenkan ( ž ) no Jiki wo isshita koto, hikigiwa ( ) wo ayamatta koto
  4. Ketudan-ryoku ( ), Jikko-ryoku ( ¹ )ga nakatta. Tokuni Gaimu daijin ( ̳ ) ga syoku ( ) wo toshite Gun ( ) ni hantai ( ȿ ) sureba, jitai ( ) wo kui tomeru koto ga dekita ga, sno yuki ga nakatta.
  5. Jyudaiji ( ) ni attate, nandemo onbin ( ) ni osameyou to sita koto ga, kekkyoku, boukoku ( ˴ ) ni tunagatta
Award to militians
Ikeda succeeded to the cabinet of Yoshida. Ikeda Cabinet awarded LeMay ( 緮 )on 4 December 1964[3][9]. LeMay commanded 21st BC which bombarded over Japan since 20 January 1945[2]. He flew from ( ) to Guam on 7 January[1].

Watanabe wrote that Japanese governers always favored in US and had no concern with national sentiment except his election voters. I think Japan is the same as Philippines. Governers of Philippines awarded US army commanders who killed and punished revolted people. Recently my family watched on DVD of the Addams Family. My son understood the irony of relationship between native Americans and white pioneers or invaders. A white girl wanted to civilize a native American girl in a short drama. Revolted children had to watch on video of Disney. I remembered collecting seals of Disney's charcters in chocolate package[4] when a boy. Our generation absorbed in American pop culture. While Chinese goverment banned abroad animation for kids on 1 September 2006[7]. Chinese kids cannot watch Crayon Shin-chan any more on TV program.

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