14 A Japanese factory was raided
23 IJN Oi, 15th Destroyer Squadron and 450 troops of Kure Marine arrived
24 IJN Notoro arrived at Shanghai
27 Warlords prepared sandbags and wire fence
28 1st Torpedo Squadron and 470 troops of Sasebo Marine arrived at Shanghai
--4pm Declaration of martial law
--5pm Each Nation deployed the National Guard troops
--8pm Detached Fleet Commander declared
--9:30pm Landed Marine from warships at Shanghai.
--0am Crossed gun fire
--4pm Seaplanes of Notoro acted over Zhabei District
-- Enemy of troops wearing no uniforms acted
30 3rd Squadron arrived, Tatsuta, 26th Destroyer Squadron and a batallion of Sasebo Marine arrived at Shanghai, Fire occured, Aircraft carrier Kaga and Sawakaze arrived at Maanshan Islands.
31 Enemy repeated attacks
-- 17 aircraft of Kaga flew over Shanghai

01 Aircraft carrier Hosyo and 2nd Destroyer Squadron arrived at Maanshan Islands, a batallion of Yokosuka Marine arrived at Shanghai, Tsushima and Tenryu responded fire, gun batteries of enemy firing at 11pm
02 Responded motar fires of Zhabei District
-- Sent a bataillon of Sasebo Marine for Shanghai
03 A fort gun fired with passing 26th Destroyer Squadron(Kaki, Nire, Kuri), we responded gun fires
-- 3rd Squadron gun fired with another fort
04 Air and gun bombardment of gun batteries
06 Enemy of Zhabei raided at nigt
-- Air and gun bombardment
-- A bataillon of Yokosuka Marine and 4th Squadron and 2nd Torped Squadron departed from Sasebo
07 Air and gun bombardment of Zhabei
-- Izumo, 4th Squadron and 2nd Torpedo Squadron arrived near Yangzi River
-- Marine landed a pier of a railroad
08 Flag warship Izumo arrived at Shanghai
09 Enemy raided in Bay Race Track
10 Air and gun bombardment of Zhabei District
-- Information of 6 Canton aircraft up north
11 Nagasaki maru was machine gun shot down River
-- Buoying Tokiwa was fired from the side of River
12 Stopping combat for saving privileged combatants in Zhabei from 8am to noon
-- Lots of enemy troops wearing no uniforms invaded in confuse of refugees crowd, ignoring and gun firing intermittent
14 Enemy built defense of Zhabei District and gun fired regulary
-- Stopped air bombardment of Zhabei regretting diplomacy temporarily
15 Crossed gun fires with Zhabei, information about 6 aircraft of China arriving at Nanjing
16 Crossed gun fires with Zhabei District -- Enemy of troops wearing no uniforms poped up
17 Enemy fired about 100 shots of mortars in head quater of Marine at dawn
18 Crossed gun fire
19 Enemy gun fired in foreign settlements at night
20 Cruisers and destroyers destroyed batteries, passing up Yangzi River
-- Gun fired enemy of Zhabei ferociously
21 Air and gun bombardment
-- Gun bombardment of enemy occurred fire across an elementary school
22 Air bombardment, Zhabei District
-- 4 fires occurred because of enemy gun fires
-- A enemy Boeing-218 shot down a Mitsubishi 13shiki-3go kanko. 3 Nakajima 3shiki-2go kansen shot down it at Suzhou
23 Air bombardment of Suzhou and airfields
-- Confirmed 19th Route Army and troops of Chiang Kai-shek attend Shanghai front
24 Air bombardment
25 Aircraft did bombardment of positions, cooperating with army
26 Aircraft of Aircraft carrier attacked airfields near Hangzhou, Air and gun bombardment
28 Air and gun bombardmen of batteries and positions, back up landing of army, Negotiated cease fire on HMS Kent
29 Warships destroyers and Aircraft acted in Hangzhou Bay

01 11st Division of IJA landed, cooperating with IJN and IJN AF
02 Air bombardment
03 Occupied batteries, Stopped combat action at 2pm
20 1st pulling troops departed from Shanghai

01 Freed traffic in foreign settlements. Chinese stores opend all together
11 2nd pulled troops departed from Shanghai
23 3rd pulled troops departed from Shanghai

May05 Cease fire signed

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